Meet the Texas-Based Accounting Firm Helping Startups Change the World

Plymouth Wright launches fixed rate accounting services for tech-enabled businesses.

Austin, TX

Austin-based accounting firm Plymouth Wright supports startups by helping them manage their financial reporting. An expanding client base and growing headcount has led the firm to launch fixed rate accounting services, helping startup founders and executives predict burn rate while engineering new products and services.

"I'm a startup founder myself," says founder and accounting manager Weston Sabattus. "I know the trouble of seeing hourly fees go well beyond what was budgeted. Our goal is to provide world-class financial services while helping founders accurately forecast costs so they can get back to building what they love."

The firm currently serves companies ranging from construction technology services to compliance and business software firms. While still small, they are eyeing rapid growth to provide their services to more startups. The problem with hourly fees, they claim, is that it incentivizes accountants to be less efficient so that their pay is higher.

With the rise of virtual accounting services exploding post-pandemic, Plymouth Wright finds itself at the center of a heated battle for market share. "We've always had an underdog mentality. You kind of have to in this space. But our clients and partners are consistently thrilled with our services, as evidenced by our referrals and repeat customers," says Sabattus.

Overall, they define themselves as industry and location agnostic. "If you believe you can change the world, we want to help you," says the firm.

You can reach the team at Plymouth Wright by emailing

Source: Plymouth Wright