Meet the QXAS Team at XeroCon San Diego 2019 From June 18 to 19

 The QXAS team is now gearing up for the most important event of the season – XeroCon San Diego 2019. QXAS is dedicated to helping accountancy practices through end-to-end accounting outsourcing services. QXAS is humbled to attend this year’s XeroCon, which is spread over three days – 17, 18 and 19 June and known to be the world’s most innovative conference for cloud accounting leaders in the Americas.

Attended by a new generation of accountants, bookkeepers, SaaS companies and more, the Xero conference will have multiple speaking sessions led by industry leaders who are focused on the future of accounting. Some of the inspiring keynote speakers include Xero CEO Steve Vamos, Stanford University lecturer Kelly McGonigal, and disruptive strategist Shawn Kanungo.

Additionally, XeroCon San Diego offers an incredible platform to hundreds of tech-savvy, future-minded professionals from across the continent to be a part of the Xero community for not just these three days but a lifetime!

The QXAS team, which comprises many XERO-certified accountants serving multiple Xero silver, gold and platinum partners, is thrilled to be exhibiting at the event on June 18 and 19, and to give their expert insights into the innovative ways of growing a practice.

QXAS BD Head Laurence Whittam wrote, “after working with numerous tax and accounting firms, we realized their key challenges included increasing margins, improving efficiency, and freeing up the time of senior staff to focus on business development. Our professional and reliable accounting services are the remedy to that problem. We’re looking forward to greeting the vibrant San Diego crowd and talking more on this at the event.”

Accounting outsourcing firms like QXAS are known for specializing in particular tasks so that they can better manage the overflow workload of struggling accounting practices. By focusing on business growth, core competencies and increased profitability, QXAS is innovating approaches to back-office functions such as accounting and tax return preparation services.

Readers looking for more information should visit the XeroCon page on the QXAS website. For any other queries, please email QXAS at or call 1-800-310-9312.

Source: QXAS

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