Meet PS3G Inc. at Monmouth University Spring Career Day

PS3G, Inc. today announced that it would be conducting on-campus placements at Monmouth University, Long Branch, NJ during their Spring Career Day on April 6, 2016 to hire qualified candidates who would be working at various IT and Business Development positions.

Ankit Goyal, Chief Executive Officer of PS3G Inc., a former MBA alumni of Monmouth University said “I feel proud to go and seek talent from my alma mater. We are constantly seeking IT talent to fulfil the needs for our various projects on Mobile Development, Web Development, Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, Big Data and Cloud based Solutions. For the year 2016, the company aims to further hone its capabilities in these areas and increase its market presence within North America. We are anticipating to grow our revenue by 300% in 2016. Our customers are asking for more and better ways to enhance ROI on their IT products. We endeavor to provide better, faster and cheaper customized IT solutions to the customers by utilizing automation, proprietary tools and accelerators that the company has developed internally along with the industry best practices, which is in conformity with the company’s core vision and mission statements.”

About PS3G:

PS3G stands for “Professional Services, Software & Solutions Group” and is a leading IT Services and Solutions Company with offices in North America and India. The core competencies of the company are - providing Web Solutions, Mobile Solutions, Big Data, Data Management and Cloud based solutions across the industry. The management team has over a decade of experience in providing cost-effective solutions to Fortune 500 customers. PS3G offers full range of IT services, including, but not limited to, Application Development and Maintenance, Application Testing, Business Process Management, Business Process Outsourcing and Procurement to help maximize the value of your business investment. PS3G has provided strategic solutions and has helped businesses of all kinds enhance operational efficiency and drive levels of performance, while improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. PS3G’s goal is to emerge as an integrated low cost and differentiation market leader without compromising on the quality of the product or the service. It achieves that by implementing Total Quality Management (TQM) process, which leads to increased customer satisfaction, reduced costs and lesser amount of time required to introduce innovative products to the marketplace. As an organization, PS3G is committed to its customers and to continuous improvement of all processes through problem-solving approaches based on empowerment of our employees. More information can be found on PS3G website.


About PS3G Inc

PS3G stands for "Professional Services, Software & Solutions Group". We are a team of experienced IT professionals with offices in North America and India.

PS3G Inc
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