Meet Airagin's American Made High Quality Protective Face Mask

In response to the face masks shortage, one private entrepreneur has announced his intention to launch a manufacturing facility located in the United States specializing in protective masks by starting a crowdfunding campaign.

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According to estimates that the World Health Organization (WHO) has published, demand for masks will continue to reach record proportions throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. On a month-by-month basis, the (WHO) says, this demand will amount to 89 million masks – far exceeding the limitations of the current supply chain. While it is not immediately clear how significant the mask shortage is in the United States specifically, many municipalities and private retailers have reported difficulties sourcing their usual mask supplies from overseas manufacturers.

The reality of this situation becomes clearer the longer the crisis goes on, and it seems unlikely that the shortage will cease as long as the US remains dependent on normal, overseas supply chains. In response to this problem, one private entrepreneur has announced his intention to launch a manufacturing facility specializing in protective masks – right here in the United States. This represents a bold course of action, one that directly addresses both the mask shortage and its central cause.

The American-made masks, branded Airagin, will feature high-quality, non-woven fabric, a pleated style with ear loops, high-filtration protection for a variety of environments, a four-layer construction for comfort and efficacy, a bacterial filter, low breathing resistance, and an adjustable nose clip. Made out of a latex-free, hypo-allergenic material, they will be suitable for general use at a time when they could save lives.

"We are working as quickly and as carefully as we can on this," Aiman Sadek, the creator of Airagin, said. "My team and I have heard people loud and clear, and we understand how urgent this need is. Seeing all the suffering around us, we feel like we need to do something to help. Although we may not be able to solve our dependence on overseas manufacturing overnight, this is one part of the problem that we cannot ignore any longer. People are dying, and we have to act now. I'm proud of the work we've done. I know we can all pitch and do our part to solve this issue."

The manufacturers of Airagin have stated that to date, they have selected a location for their manufacturing facility, started the manufacturing equipment acquisition process, and sourced their raw materials. To cover the costs of opening their facility, they have launched a crowdfunding campaign, where they are offering contributors the opportunity to pre-order masks and donate masks.

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