MedX Announces National Roll Out of Home Back Machine Program

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MedX Holdings, Inc., the manufacturer and global distributor of MedX - branded medical testing, strengthening and rehabilitation equipment, today announced the national roll out of its MedX Home Back Machine Program. MedX is considered the gold standard for the treatment of low back injuries and the world leader in specialized medical strengthening equipment.

How it works: MedX enters into a lease with the physician or practice who prescribe the MedX Home Back Machine Program for its Workers Comp or Personal Injury patients. MedX handles the delivery of equipment to the patient's home and assigns a Personal Clinician to the patient. The Personal Clinician individually instructs the patient in their home on the proper use of equipment, completes outcome information and encourages the patient during the 90 days of treatment.

The MedX equipment is specifically recommended by the Official Disability Guidelines (ODG) as an active, conservative care treatment that has been proven to have superior outcomes. The MedX technology is FDA registered, holds more than 30 patents and has over 75 peer-reviewed medical journal articles that have been published.

"The MedX Home Back Machine Program is the perfect ancillary service for those physicians who want to provide a seamless, exceptional patient experience with outcomes and increase practice bottom line," stated Randy Lubinsky, MedX Chief Executive Officer.

MedX is proud to say that the MedX Home Back Machine like all of its products are made in the U.S.A. for the last 30 years.

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About MedX Holdings, Inc.

MedX manufactures, markets and distributes medical rehabilitation and isolated strengthening equipment to the medical and rehabilitation markets. MedX is credited for pioneering Medical Strengthening Technology, which combines functional testing and isolated resistance strengthening; features necessary to restore and enhance health by effectively treating chronic neck and back pain. MedX holds more than 30 patents and 75 peer-reviewed medical journal articles that have been published over the past 30 years confirming MedX's ability to significantly decrease chronic spine-related pain issues, restore spinal function, improve quality of life and independence, and decrease or eliminate the need for ongoing spinal care or pain management even after multiple failed attempts at other forms of treatment.

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