MedRebels Educates on the Benefits of Regenerative Adult Stem Cell Therapy

Adult stem cell therapy is organic to the body and has been proven to eliminate the source of the pain instead of masking it like drugs prescribed for pain management.

Recent studies show that patients no longer need to risk drug addiction from prescription pain medication when treating certain types of pain. With the past decade’s advances in adult stem cell therapy, doctors can go right to the source instead of masking the symptoms with potentially dangerous drugs. MedRebels, an educational organization, provides physician training about the benefits of regenerative adult stem cell therapy and a search feature to find physicians across the United States who are providing this procedure.  

“Many people do not know there is a doctor in their city that has been trained to take a patient’s own stem cells from their bone marrow, found in the hip, concentrate the adult stem cells from the bone marrow and then inject them back into the site of injury,” says Ginger Lichlyter, Marketing Director of MedRebels. “Patients no longer need to accept the many downsides to prescription pain medication when treating certain types of pain. They can avoid back surgery in some cases and live a life free of unnecessary pain through stem cell therapy.”

"Patients no longer need to accept the many downsides to prescription pain medication when treating certain types of pain. They can avoid back surgery in some cases and live a life free of unnecessary pain through stem cell therapy."

Ginger Lichlyter, Marketing Director of MedRebels

More than 50 years ago, researchers discovered that adult stem cells contained within bone marrow have the ability to perform a number of healing functions. Stem cells help to create new cells in existing healthy tissues and may help to repair tissues in those structures that are injured or damaged. Adult stem cells were once believed to be more limited than embryonic stem cells, only giving rise to the same type of tissue from which they originated. New research, however, suggests that adult stem cells may have the potential to generate other types of cells.

When stem cells divide they create progenitor cells. Unlike stem cells, progenitor cells can become cells with more specialized functions, such as brain and red blood cells. In particular interest to orthopedic surgeons is the cells’ ability to become components of specialized tissue such as bone or cartilage. Orthopedic surgeons have focused their attention on mesenchymal stem cells. Unlike embryonic stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells are obtained from living adult tissue and can help to form trabecular bone, tendon, articular cartilage, ligaments and part of the bone marrow. In some cases, this type of therapy has entirely eliminated knee pain and injury.

Stem cell therapy is less complicated and expensive than most believe. During the procedure, a physician removes a small amount of bone marrow from an easy-to-access point on the hip using a syringe. The medical team then separates the adult stem cells from the rest of the bone marrow material in a lab near the procedure room or sometimes even in the same room. Then the physician returns the concentrated adult stem cells to the part of the body that needs to heal.

“Thanks to MedRebels and the amazing research and orthopedic successes utilizing adult stem cells, my pain is gone,” says Laura Mallery-Sayre on the MedRebels website. “I’m euphoric about my success and forever an avid supporter of adult stem cell therapies.”

One study, Treatment of discogenic back pain with autologous bone marrow concentrate injection with minimum two year follow-up, recently accepted and published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine found that of the 26 patients assessed 92 percent avoided back surgery through 12 months, 81 percent avoided surgery through two years.

In addition to educating about stem cell therapy, MedRebels collaborates with physicians, researchers, educators, and industry leaders to promote best practices in Regenerative Medicine.  The organization supports physicians by offering educational workshops that share current scientific research on cellular therapies and enlists field experts to provide hands-on training with harvesting and injecting bone marrow concentrate. For more information and to find a local physician, visit

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MedRebels is an educational organization dedicated to creating awareness of the benefits and possibilities of adult stem cell treatments. The organization strives to enhance quality of life by guiding patients through the rapidly evolving landscape of regenerative medicine. For more information, visit For physicians seeking training, visit

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