MedMatica Consulting Associates Offers Remote Accounts Receivable Follow-Up Services

​MedMatica Consulting Associates (“MedMatica”), a leading healthcare information technology consulting firm, announced today that it has added a new Remote-based, Accounts Receivable Follow-Up service to its continued expansion of the Revenue Cycle Practice.

Mr. Bruce Adler, MedMatica’s Revenue Cycle Practice Director, has successfully led multiple Cash Acceleration engagements using the Remote AR Follow-up approach. This service puts the MedMatica team to work for clients directly on their Patient Accounting and Collection system(s) and eliminates the added complication of exchanging work files and uploading data on a periodic basis. Clients can see in real-time the status of their accounts and the increased cash collections from our combined efforts.

Mr. Adler stated, “These are difficult times for Healthcare organizations. Revenue is certain to be impacted, as well as cash flow. MedMatica is offering a program of remote accounts receivable follow-up, project management, and staffing to help organizations who are facing cash flow concerns, have a reduction of available accounts receivable staff, or are impacted by staff not accustomed to working at home.”

Key differentiators of MedMatica’s service include:

·         MedMatica can supplement and backstop current operations with little disruption and minimal IT intervention. The methodology is based on a rapid deployment of staff working within your system environment.

·         MedMatica’s approach is based on the concept of having our staff support your team to accelerate cash collection for commercial and government payers.

·         MedMatica not only collects on the accounts, but also identifies issues and root causes impacting timely claim adjudication. Timely feedback is provided to enable the implementation of improved processes, staffing adjustments, and technology adjustments.

·         MedMatica is able to staff teams with experienced AR Representatives who, in most cases, have an understanding of the in-house revenue cycle systems being used.

·         MedMatica’s financial arrangements are more than competitive with other offerings available on the market.

Jerry Howell, MedMatica’s CEO, stated, “I am very excited to see our Revenue Cycle Practice grow and be able to offer this vital service to our clients. I know that our teams of seasoned experts will provide outstanding service to our current and future clients and generate significant benefits.”

MedMatica’s program and approach are customizable to meet an organization’s most pressing needs. Working together, MedMatica develops the program of payers and aging categories to focus on, in order to maximize cash acceleration.

For more information, please email us at or call our corporate number at 215-839-6406.

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