MedKaz® Releases 'Targeted Record Sharing,' a Major Breakthrough in Care Coordination

Patients can now remotely and frictionlessly share copies of their records from one doctor with their other doctors.

Most patients with serious illnesses see or have seen a number of doctors, often in different practices and different communities, who can’t exchange records and therefore can’t coordinate their care. This can result in a doctor making a serious mistake or ordering unnecessary tests, procedures, and visits — which can cause unnecessary costs, pain, suffering, and even death. It also frustrates patients that none of their doctors can coordinate their care.

Targeted Record Sharing (TRS) combined with MedKaz’s unique record management features, solves this critical problem. A patient no longer has to wait until her next appointment to update her doctors about her most recent encounter. TRS enables her to email the records of her recent encounter automatically, remotely and securely to her Primary Care Provider and all providers who treat her for the same illness. In turn, they can quickly review the care she is receiving and immediately alert her and her other providers if the prescribed care, meds or procedures create a problem.

Putting TRS in context, Merle Bushkin, Founder & CEO of Health Record Corporation and creator of MedKaz, explains that “TRS actually is the third groundbreaking advance MedKaz provides. It establishes MedKaz as a communication platform patients can use to securely share their records with others. The first advance established MedKaz as a patient-controlled medical record system. It empowered patients, for the first time, to control and manage their lifetime health record. Also for the first time, it enabled care providers who prefer to keep paper charts, to electronically manage their records so they can better manage their patients’ care and engage their patients.

“The second MedKaz advance provided ‘total interoperability,’ a critically needed capability no other system provides today. MedKaz leapfrogged over the problems blocking interoperability and enabled a patient to electronically manage and — for the first time — share all her records at the point of care with any care provider. With this information in hand, doctors are able to deliver better, coordinated, lower-cost care.”

Mr. Bushkin adds: “The bottom line is that MedKaz and TRS are major improvements to healthcare IT. They overcome the problems doctors have lived with for years that make care coordination a nightmare if not impossible. They empower patients to manage their own care. And they make possible sorely needed changes in the way care is organized, delivered, and paid for. With MedKaz, major improvements such as Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and value-based care can finally be fully implemented. Given how MedKaz meets everyone’s needs, we look forward to more and more patients and doctors adopting it. New subscribers will receive the TRS update when they sign up for MedKaz. Current subscribers are being notified to update their MedKaz to enjoy this remarkable new feature.”


The patented MedKaz is a groundbreaking system that turns the conventional approach to healthcare IT upside down. Instead of trying to link care provider “silos” via electronic networks, which doesn’t work, it gives patients control of their records and does work. It assembles their lifetime health record and the MedKaz application on a MedKaz minidrive which they can share with their care providers in the exam room. And now thanks to TRS, they can quickly share new records from one provider with their other providers following an encounter. This unmatched flexibility benefits everyone concerned with healthcare: patients, providers, employers, insurers and government.

MedKaz is the only system that works all the time, even during power and internet outages and natural disasters. All it needs is a charged computer. It requires no special training, it is easy to use, secure, affordable, self-financing and available today. It is free to doctors; they use it alongside their charting system, whether it is electronic or paper. It saves them time, increases their income, blends seamlessly with their established workflow and enables them to deliver better, coordinated, lower-cost care. MedKaz is a product of Health Record Corporation, based in Brownsville, VT. For more information and to get your MedKaz, visit

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