Meditative Vibes Partners With the Niagara River Lions of the Canadian Elite Basketball League to Enhance Their Players' Training Experience in a Way That Has Not Been Done Before, Using Innovative Wireless Headphone Technology

Meditative Vibes, a wellness and lifestyle brand, located in San Diego, California, is excited to announce a new partnership with the Niagara River Lions (NRL), of the Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL). The CEBL will be launching its 26 game Summer Series on July 25. Below is a link with information about the upcoming season.

Meditative Vibes is a leader in the wellness and fitness industry. Our services include wireless headphone technology, which will create a personalized experience for the NRL players. Players will be captive to the instructors and coaches by canceling out all background noise and distractions. The Niagara River Lions will be utilizing this technology during the upcoming season. The headphones will be used for both physical and mental training with the players to keep them captive, focused, and fully engaged. The goal is to have the players effectively disconnect and reconnect to be more productive. “We are extremely excited to be working with Meditative Vibes. Our goal is to always find ways to enhance the experience for our players on and off the court,” says Antwi Atuahene.

“We are excited to implement our technology with the NRL players. This system will boost the mental and physical training within each player, “ says Joe Costa Partner of Meditative Vibes.

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