Medipsy Launches ADHD Clinic in Montreal

Medipsy launches a new specialized ADHD Clinic in Westmount (Montreal), Quebec.

Medipsy Psychological Services announces the launch of a new Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Clinic as convenient place for English and French-speaking Montrealers to access assessment and treatment services for ADHD.  ADHD is a complex and multifaceted problem that responds best to integrated, assessment and intervention.

Medipsy clients already benefit from the integrated care model in which Medipsy psychological professionals coordinate care with primary care physicians.  The ADHD clinic will offer the same high standards of integrated care involving psychological professionals with physicians and also teachers, schools, education specialists, and occupational therapists. 

“Whether it is patients who cannot access treatment in the public sector or who want specialized neuropsychological evaluation with follow-up, Medipsy clients always appreciate our strong inter-professional collaborations”   said Dr. Martin Drapeau, Medipsy President. “We are excited to open our doors to all Montrealers who want treatment for ADHD and seamless care management.”

 “Medipsy has the infrastructure in place, including psychologists, neuropsychologists, personal case assistants, vocational counsellors, learning specialists, and coaches who are experienced in assessing ADHD problems and making practical recommendations,” said Dr. Marilyn Fitzpatrick, the Director of Clinical Care at Medipsy.  “Our team of care providers is not satisfied with simply delivering a diagnostic report.  Medipsy offers a fully integrated treatment options under the guidance of a personal case assistant who sets treatment priorities and helps clients  with the right professionals on the team.”

Features of the clinic include:                                         

  • A fully bilingual service.
  • Experienced neuropsychologists for complete assessments of complex cases.
  • Highly qualified personal care assistants to answer questions about the assessment, help set priorities among treatment options, and connect clients to one of the more than 20 psychological professionals at Medipsy.
  • Psychologists to deal with the anxiety and depression that often accompany ADHD.
  • Collaborations with family physician to monitor responses to medications.
  • Vocational counsellors to deal with work problems associated with ADHD.
  • Trained coaches to help Clients with ADHD to improve emotion regulation and executive functioning strategies. 
  • Learning specialists to help children and adolescents with learning problems

About Medipsy Psychological Services

Medipsy Psychological services is owned by two McGill Professors – Dr. Martin Drapeau and Dr. Marilyn Fitzpatrick.  Dr. Fitzpatrick has 30 years of experience in clinical care.  Dr. Drapeau is an expert in inter-professional liaison. To learn more  call 514 419-3005.


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