Medical Quackery Still Exists in Phoenix Az

A Young Woman Believes She Would've Died If She'd Continued Treatment for Supposed Lyme Disease from Chandler Clinicians

The relationship between Alyssa Goodale and the women treating her for Lyme disease ended abruptly in February 2010.

It had not been inexpensive, costing Alyssa's parents more than $10,000 out of pocket over a four-month stretch on "energy machine" sessions and vitamin and nutritional supplements, not to mention a pile of prescription drugs that were supposed to help her heal.

But money and a quirky treatment protocol are not why, more than a year later, 19-year-old Alyssa remains embittered and a little confused.

"They would have killed me if I hadn't stopped going to them," she says in a matter-of-fact way that belies an anger that runs deep.

She is speaking of Dana Rosdahl and Janet Love, co-owners of Chandler's Remnant Health Center.

Rosdahl is a family nurse practitioner and former Arizona State University professor. She prefers to be called "Dr. Dana," a title she employs because of her advanced degree in nursing.

Arizona is one of six states that allow nurse practitioners to prescribe and dispense medication and to give diagnoses without a doctor's supervision.

That is what Rosdahl was doing for Alyssa Goodale and continues to do for what she estimates are 225 patients. The clinic also sells patients herbal and vitamin supplements as part of its protocol.

Its motto should be: "Lyme disease is everywhere — and we mean everywhere!"

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