Medical Legal Spider Addresses Litigation Support Needs in the Medical-Legal Market

Law firms benefit from outsourcing's economies of scale and standardized practices while receiving customized formatting for Medical Indexes, Chronologies and Factual Summaries.

CAP Digisoft Solutions, Inc., a global Business Process Outsourcing and Software Development Company, announces the reorganization and branding of its medical record processing division as Medical Legal Spider.

This fast growing division has filled a void in the largely fragmented market of litigation support companies. MLS specializes in assisting law firms and others involved in litigation of bodily injury cases grapple with disparate medical records that often include hand written notes.

Law firms benefit from economies of scale and standardized processes, while receiving customized formatting for Medical Indexes, Chronologies and Factual Summaries. As a result, busy litigators lower their out of pocket costs, allocate 100% of medical record processing expenses to their case files and increase the productivity of Paralegals and Legal Assistants.

The company is an experienced specialty provider of medical record services, creating perfect Medical Indexes and Chronologies. Trained document reviewers excel at identifying missing medical records and other complex medical data extraction. In fact, the company has processed over 40,000 medical-legal cases, representing in excess of 9,000,000 documents since 2007.

Navigating even the largest and most complex file is made extremely efficient with the availability of hyperlinks embedded in indexes and summaries, plus a customized keyword search application for instant review of source documents.

Case types include:

• Automobile & truck accidents, workers' compensation, disability, slips and falls.
• Medical Negligence and Malpractice.
• Large volumes of medical records, such as mass tort litigation, product liability and class actions.

All records are sent via secure, Industry Standard Secured File Transfer System protocol and managed by experienced, trained reviewers who utilize our proprietary semi-automated software tool. This combination of applied technology and skilled staff allows MLS to work effectively with both text and handwritten medical records and notes.

MLS offers an opportunity for a free, no-risk test case to all new law firms to try these services. There is no better way for law firms to experience improving efficiency while lowering costs.

For more information or to submit a file for a free trial of any of Medical Legal Spider's services, please contact MLS at 1-855-6SPIDER or by email .

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