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MediaSmack, a legal marketing firm that started in Sacramento, is pleased to announce a change of scenery. The company is moving its main base of operations from California to Austin, Texas. The doors will remain open at the Sacramento location, but Austin will be the new primary location.

“It’s an exciting announcement,” said Zach Thompson, founder and CEO. “There will always be a special place in my heart for Sacramento. But the company is growing and evolving. The move just made sense. Plus, as a Texas native myself, I am looking forward to being back in my home state.”

Once I sat down and took a look at the numbers, it was obvious that our hub was already in Austin.

Zach Thompson


Why Austin?

In August of 2017, MediaSmack formed a strategic partnership with an Austin-based legal marketing company. Through that partnership and in the ensuing months, the company more than doubled in size. Before, most of the staff was based in California. However, now the bulk of the staff members live and work in Austin.

“Once I sat down and took a look at the numbers, it was obvious that our hub was already in Austin,” said Zach. “That’s where most of my people live, so that’s where most of my focus has been since August. All I did was make it official. And what better place than Austin to start the next chapter of MediaSmack?”

About MediaSmack

MediaSmack is a legal marketing agency that offers SEO, web design, social media and PPC services to lawyers, law firms and legal professionals across the country. While most of the staff is in Austin, the company also has offices in Sacramento and Los Angeles and has employees in a dozen states across the U.S.

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