MediaPlier Opens for Business in US and Germany


MediaPlier, a brand new integrated advertising agency specializing in creating multi-country advertising campaigns for mobile apps, games and digital-first brands has opened for business with offices in Los Angeles and Hamburg. Offering its clients a blend of strategy, creative, media planning and analytics, MediaPlier will focus on TV, video and influencer campaigns for brands looking to build a customer base beyond standard user acquisition tactics.

MediaPlier's founders are experienced media executives Josh Rinsky and Volker Dressel, who previously worked together on multi-million dollar global campaigns at TV app advertising specialist Quaid Media, part of the Freenet AG, a German telecommunications group.

An increasing number of companies are using TV as a cornerstone of their UA campaigns. Many of the biggest mobile gaming brands have been vocal about the benefits of combining TV and influencer outreach with more conventional performance advertising. Making these kinds of campaigns accessible to anyone is something that drove MediaPlier's founders Rinsky and Dressel at Quaid Media - and it continues to be the driving force behind the new company.

"Over the past two years we've seen a steady maturation of mobile app marketing with brands promoting their products through an ever widening range of channels including TV, video, sponsorship, influencer marketing and product integrations," said Josh Rinsky, Co-Founder of MediaPlier. "Our experience means that we are ideally suited to identify, plan and deliver on these creative opportunities for our clients. With a presence on two continents, MediaPlier can deliver multi-country campaigns for digital brands, mobile apps and games."

About MediaPlier

MediaPlier offers clients working in mobile apps, games and digital first services a suite of advertising and media services to help them create powerful content that reaches their target audience and grow market share.

With teams in Los Angeles, Berlin and Hamburg, MediaPlier delivers its services in the US, Brazil, Canada, and throughout Western Europe.

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