Media, Entertainment, Digital Consulting Services Launched by Works With Established Companies & Startups That Need Expert Media, Entertainment, & Digital Consulting Services. From private equity backed film & television finance to brand funded global content production & digital distribution, to launching MCN's and video networks to proof of concept idea innovation and origination., a multi-industry business consulting and strategy firm has expanded to provide a broad set of consulting services in media and entertainment for startup entrepreneurs and established companies.

Yuri Rutman, managing partner of and Noci Pictures Entertainment has experience in structuring private equity backed global film & television finance, international co-productions, television productions with major networks and production companies, idea innovation and origination, and maximizing revenue streams from digital and social media.

"A lot of established companies are looking for ways to enter the world of brand funded content and need an A-Z life cycle plan on maximizing the global reach of such content with a high ROI" adds Rutman.   "On the other side of the spectrum are startup entrepreneurs who are looking to facilitate funding for their single or portfolio film, tv, or, multi channel video network. also work with investors on advising and guiding them into risk minimized media, entertainment, and digital deals.

"Many high net worth and institutional investors have an appetite for backing media & entertainment deals and projects but their learning curve in the space is sometimes limited to googling their education needs, vs. real world deal structures", states Rutman.  "We basically advice investors on what we feel has the biggest chance of upside, while minimizing risk using various structured equity models". can be contact at, 310-651-0799, or