Medela Donates $10,000 to Fund the Future Education of WOC Nurses

With the support of the WOCN community, Medela provides for four scholarships

WOCN Society Fund the Future

Medela Surgical and Wound Care asked wound, ostomy and continence nurses (WOC Nurses) from across the country to share their insights about the patient experience with Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) at the WOCNext Conference 2022. Medela also pledged to empower and enhance the professional development of WOC Nurses by offering professional headshots at the conference. This collaboration with the WOC Nurse community is in effort to raise money, increase awareness and support nurses interested in entering this unique field of healthcare. For every person that participated, Medela made a donation to Fund the Future. This campaign raised $10,000, enough for four fully-funded scholarships for nurses wishing to attend a WOCN Education Program.

Mary Jo Conley and Cyncere Neal are experts in the field and came on camera at previous WOCN Society Meetings to share what inspires them and how important access to the right care is. They were also able to get their professional photos taken at WOCNext 2022, which will be useful for their future professional endeavors. Mary Jo sits on the Board of Directors for the society and Cyncere is using her 30+ years of WOC knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit to open a wound care clinic for immigrants in the Greenville, NC, area. 

Nicolette Zuecca, Chief Executive at Wound, Ostomy & Continence Nurses Society said, "Medela's support for the headshot lounge has provided an opportunity for WOC Nurses to empower their professional development and the donation to the Fund the Future program will continue to bring visibility to this impactful specialty." 

"Fund the Future has advanced the education of so many of our nurses," said Zuecca. "We've had a lot of great applicants coming through the scholarship program [...] and I'm here to tell you that it makes a huge difference for so many people who maybe couldn't make their vision to be a WOC Nurse without a scholarship."

Medela is excited to continue connecting with the WOC Nursing community throughout the rest of the year at local chapter events and continues to celebrate all that WOC Nurses contribute to helping patients heal. 

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At our core, Medela is an innovator of medical vacuum technologies. Recognized for 60 years as the breast pump portfolio market leader, we design innovative products for hospital patient care including NPWT, CardioThoracic Drainage, Enteral Feeding, Surgical Suction, and Airway Suction. Since 2006, Medela has proudly offered solutions that simplify the delivery and management of NPWT, eliminating unnecessary clinical and administrative complexity…We Make NPWT Easier. 

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