Medbi Launches the First Transparent Medical Billing Blockchain Startup

Medbi is the modern solution to medical billing discrimination and overcharges.

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Medbi, founded by UC San Diego undergraduate freshman Amir Dhami, launches with the mission to foster a transparent medical billing environment for all. With 66,583,014 people in the U.S. being victims of medical billing discrimination, according to the Michigan Health Lab, Medbi aims to level the power dynamic between you and the healthcare industry. A first for the medical billing industry, this new startup is built on patent-pending blockchain claim disputation technology, allowing users to contest charges as they are incurred.

Having secured 100k+ in VC funding, CEO Amir Dhami offers a promising outlook for the disruptive startup: 

"By 2024, we plan to implement Medbi in every medical institution in San Diego."

Though a lofty goal, Mr.Dhami believes the uniqueness and accountability that the service provides will draw consumers and insurers alike. Medbi promises to allow consumers to see their medical bill's journey in real-time. 

No longer do you have to wait for your medical bill to arrive in the mail before contesting unfair expenses. Dispute overcharges in real-time through Medbi's Chargebacks. From the doctor's office to third parties and insurers, Medbi tracks your medical bill and displays charges as they are added in real-time. By allowing consumers to dispute charges in real-time, Medbi plans to eliminate medical billing discrimination and overcharges. Similarly, all charges and Chargebacks are tracked by the permanent ledger ensuring accountability. Still, Medbi ensures privacy for all users, securely storing private billing information behind a 256 bit private/public key pair.

Currently patent-pending for its Chargebacks technology, Medbi stands alone in the medical billing industry. Mr. Dhami promises dual-usage of the service for consumers and insurers. Allowing users to eliminate overcharges and medical billing discrimination in real-time, while allowing insurers to cut out third party involvement, Mr. Dhami offers personal insight into the industry: "We truly want to address the root of medical billing overcharges. Medbi is here to stay."

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