MED-Fibers Announces New GrabHold™ Stone Basket

Ergonomically Designed Kidney Stone Retrieval Basket

GrabHold™ Stone Basket

MED-Fibers, Inc. announces the distribution of MED-Fibers, Inc. GrabHold™ Stone Basket with its Nitinol and tipless design allowing for the positioning of the basket directly against the mucosal lining. This reduces bleeding and maintains a great and clear working field and reduced trauma.

The user-friendly scissor-style handle is easy to use and designed to keep the basket and stone within the focal range of the ureteroscope. Handle may be disconnected and reconnected with basket in place.

The memory characteristics of the nitinol wire allow the basket to return to its original shape when the extractor is developed. The flexibility of the baskets sheets allows you to fully deflect the ureteroscope during stone manipulation.

Many Different Designs are Offered to Meet Your Stone Manipulation Needs.

·          1.5FR 4WIRE 120CM NITINOL-TIPLESS

·          1.5FR 4WIRE 120CM NITINOL-TIPLESS, flexible

·          1.7FR 4WIRE 120CM NITINOL-TIPLESS

·          1.7FR 4WIRE 120CM NITINOL-TIPLESS, flexible

·          1.9FR 4WIRE 120CM NITINOL-TIPLESS

·          1.9FR 4WIRE 120CM NITINOL-TIPLESS, flexible

·          2.2FR 4WIRE 120CM NITINOL-TIPLESS

·          2.2FR 4WIRE 120CM NITINOL-TIPLESS, flexible

·          2.4FR 4WIRE 120CM NITINOL-TIPLESS,

·          2.4FR 4WIRE 120CM NITINOL-TIPLESS, flexible

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Source: MED-Fibers, Inc.