Mealtime Beverage, Good Idea, Contains Necessary Mineral for Weight Loss

Swedish sparkling Good Idea is the only mealtime beverage on the U.S. market that contains a significant amount of the essential mineral chromium, proven to make weight loss both healthier and more sustainable, by increasing the proportion of lost fat. This adds to the beverage's ability to cut post-meal blood sugar spikes. According to Good Idea Inc. CEO Bjorn Oste, Good Idea makes any diet for weight loss more effective, and he has convincing scientific support.

In addition to the difficulties associated with following a strict diet, there’s a less well-known problem with most weight loss diets and supplements. Sure, they make you lose fat, but up to 50 percent of the weight loss can actually be so-called lean body mass, mainly muscles. And that’s probably not why you are on a diet. A brand new scientific review* has found that an essential mineral – chromium** – can help make the weight loss both healthier, and more sustainable.

The review, published in the scientific journal Nutrients on Dec. 3, has studied a large number of clinical studies with different weight loss diets and supplements. It concludes that diets like low-carb, keto, high protein (like paleo) and high fiber, as well as different supplements, seem to be effective in the immediate weight loss perspective. At the same time, the loss of muscle is pointed out for its negative impact on health, the ability to conduct daily activities, and potential effects on emotion.

Among the tested weight-loss supplements, the one containing chromium picolinate that is easily taken up by the body stood out as a real gamechanger. While e.g. a high-fiber supplement yielded a 50/50 relation between loss of fat/muscle mass, chromium picolinate showed a 98/2 result. The entire weight lost, except 2 percent was fat. The review comes to the conclusion that “Chromium picolinate appears to offer an effective means of improving body composition, as individuals are able to lose their fat while retaining their muscle.”

Good Idea – the sparkling Swedish beverage innovation contains a blend of chromium picolinate, and amino acids, and is proven to cut the blood sugar response after eating. The chromium is added because of its well-known role in glucose and insulin regulation, and now also proven to increase the loss of fat tissue when dieting. In addition, the liquid form of chromium picolinate in Good Idea is expected to improve the uptake.

“We’re on a mission to make every meal healthier by offering attractive beverages that easily fit into everyday life,” said Good Idea CEO, Bjorn Oste, based in Larkspur, CA. “With the obesity and diabetes epidemic going on in this country, there’s a clear need for new solutions like Good Idea. We make it a little easier to live healthily. To my knowledge, Good Idea is the only mealtime drink on the market that contains chromium picolinate in a significant amount (250 mcg per serving). Our product will support any diet you might choose for weight loss or weight management. Keto, paleo, and LCHF can all benefit from our Good Idea. And it also works for those who just eat regular food, by helping them control their blood sugar which is another crucial factor for weight management and long-term health.”

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* Body Composition Changes inWeight Loss: Strategies and Supplementation for Maintaining Lean Body Mass, a Brief Review, by Darryn Willoughby, Susan Hewlings, and Douglas Kalman

** Chromium is an essential mineral. Natural sources are, e.g. shellfish, eggs, whole grain cereals, mushrooms, legumes, meat, and nuts.

Good Idea Inc. is the US subsidiary of Aventure AB, a Swedish food & biotech company founded by the inventor of Oatly oat drink, professor Rickard Öste, and his brother Björn. The company has a proven track record in bringing research-based food and food concepts with proven health effects to the market.

Source: Good Idea Inc.


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