MDIS X Artisans For A Better World Collaboration: Supporting Upcoming New Designers With the House of MDIS at REKA

Embarking on the global marketplace as an independent designer has its set of challenges such as the lack of resources and capital. With the advancements in technology making their way to the fashion space, Artisans For A Better (AFAB) World dedicates itself to helping the fashion community. Thanks to AFAB's innovative ecosystem and its digital platform including REKA, independent artisan designers are now, more than ever, empowered. With the ability to connect the real world and the fashion industry, artisan designers, especially fresh faces of the fashion industry, have plenty of opportunities to get their names out there. 

Preparing these young designers for the industry is the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) — School of Fashion and Design (SFD). Together with MDIS, REKA has launched The House of MDIS on its e-commerce platform. This marks the first school to collaborate with REKA's channel — making it a big success milestone for both.

REKA is a fashion e-commerce mobile application that was created by Artisans For A Better (AFAB) World to develop a better ecosystem for independent artisan designers. REKA caters to fashion-forward enthusiasts with an interest in tailor-made, sustainable designs and designer-direct shopping experiences. This industry collaboration with REKA would elevate the MDIS SFD brand and allow the young designers' fashion portfolios and ideas to be exposed to the ASEAN market. This collaboration would feature SFD students' collections and enable these students to expand their learning and industry knowledge even before their graduation. Establishing themselves is just the tip of the iceberg; students will also get to experience hands-on entrepreneurship and undergo this study journey process as a transition from student to a professional designer. 

Apart from introducing the next generation of fashion designers to the industry via e-commerce, AFAB bridges the gap between new designers and the industry through other approaches such as external partnerships with the entertainment industry and well-known Asian fashion weeks.

Engagement with prominent figures such as celebrities and film producers, as well as entertainment events (e.g., Canada International Film Festival), through wardrobe creation and styling enables students to gain more traction and visibility for their collections. Notable fashion shows (Vietnam International Fashion Week, etc.) featuring The House of MDIS collections would provide students with the rare opportunity to expand their collection awareness on a global scale. Locally, the AFAB World collaboration will also be a segment in the MDIS's Graduation Night Fashion Show happening on 8 December 2022, whereby guests can purchase the avant-garde designs shown on the runway. 

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