MD Media Launches Marketing.Healthcare Website - Entering Into Medical Practice Marketing

MD Media, most well known for their addiction marketing agency The Drug Rehab Agency, has just launched a medical marketing agency

"The reason for the expansion is that more and more medical professionals are looking to local, online marketing to generate patients.  Sadly, there are a lot of fly by night agencies in the space.  We are hoping to disrupt their business model by providing medical professionals an honest approach that drives results." said CEO/Found Marcus Hansen. 

The new agency focuses on several medical fields.  Addiction marketing, dental marketing, plastic surgery marketing , and elder care marketing and are currently the offered fields. "We plan to grow our serviced practices soon, however, we want to ensure we understand the industry prior to offering our services." said Mr. Hansen 

About MD Media: With over 7 years of online marketing experience in the medical space, MD Media is helping local addiction centers, dental practices, elective surgical centers, and elder care homes increase their online visibility. This provides them with increased patients and revenue. 

Source: MD Media


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