MD Clarity Joins ModMed’s synapSYS Marketplace Program to Offer an Integrated Experience to Ensure Provider Reimbursement

MD Clarity, a provider of patient pre-service estimate and provider revenue optimization software, today joined ModMed's synapSYS Marketplace program. As part of the ModMed synapSYS Marketplace, this application is now available to ModMed’s growing network of healthcare providers. MD Clarity enables pre-service patient cost estimates and deposits, detects variances between payer payments and contracted rates, and provides data to negotiate managed care agreements from a position of strength.

“Providers deserve to be paid fairly by health insurers, and patients have a right to know what the financial impact will be on them when getting care,” said Dan Freeman, MD Clarity’s CEO. “Having our application available on the ModMed synapSYS Marketplace will allow providers to leverage MD Clarity to help ensure they are being paid optimally for all of their patient encounters and are delivering a transparent financial experience to patients.”

To learn more about MD Clarity’s new integrated application, please visit MD Clarity’s product listing page on the Marketplace.

About MD Clarity

MD Clarity is a powerful software platform transforming the revenue cycle of healthcare organizations. Through pre-service patient estimates and deposits, automated detection of variances between payer payments and contracted rates, and managed care agreement rate benchmarking and scenario modeling, MD Clarity enables the Revenue Cycle and Finance teams of healthcare organizations to boost their cash flow. With a decade-long track record capturing the complexities of managed care agreements within its software platform, MD Clarity has grown to serve more than 150,000 providers. For more information, visit or follow MD Clarity on LinkedIn.

Source: MD Clarity