MCS Freight Launches Intermodal Division

Intermodal transportation is transforming supply chain logistics.

Capacity shortages in the trucking industry, coupled with the technical evolution of rail, have led logistics suppliers and transportation providers to shift their focus on providing intermodal as a long-haul solution.

With over 10 years in the cold storage business and an on-site fleet currently servicing the logistics supply chain, MCS Logistics (representing MCS Freight services) has now launched additional domestic intermodal transportation services for both refrigerated and dry goods.

Designed to complement the additional freight services provided by MCS Logistics, intermodal offers big savings opportunities plus the capacity of a train without the limitations. Additional benefits of intermodal include:

  • Upgraded rail services and alliances shorten the transit time to be comparable with dedicated trucking services.
  • The capacity of TOFCs (Trailers on Flatcars) can be equivalent to the use of over 250 truck trailers on the highways.
  • A significant reduction in fuel emissions promotes the goals of supply chain sustainability.
  • Increased capacity for seasonal business.
  • Reduction in supply chain freight costs.

The MCS Logistics mission is to move freight at affordable prices, while providing customers with top quality service and solutions that they can depend on.

Learn more about the newly-launched MCS Logistics intermodal division by contacting us at 630-478-2060.