McCrossen Hosting Launches New User Experience and Offers Memorial Day Discount

McCrossen Hosting

McCrossen Hosting, a segment of McCrossen Consulting based in San Antonio, Texas, announces the much-anticipated update to storefront. Customers will now enjoy superior, mobile-friendly design and functional code when using the hosting site.

“We made the updates based on how our customers and visitors interact with McCrossen Hosting. In sum, there are many small changes we made to build up to one huge overhaul. Making the decision to overhaul was the right choice for 2018,” said Matt McCrossen, president of McCrossen Consulting LLC. “We are very pleased with the new look and functionality."

Hosting companies face tough challenges in 2018. Industry consolidation is pushing out smaller start-ups like McCrossen’s hosting operation. Rising costs for utilities, equipment, labor, compliance and more force smaller operations to shut up shop or hang a "for sale" sign on the doors.

Matt McCrossen continued, “It’s very important to remain nimble and keep your operations lean. Of course, this is a balancing act between customer service, quality products and profitability. We know how competitive it is in the hosting vertical, however, we have a great base of loyal customers that keep renewing. There’s something to be said for U.S.-based customer service operations!”

When asked about the timing of the update to McCrossen Hosting, Matt replied, “We took a page from what our marketing operation does for clients. Memorial Day is this coming May and we wanted to do something. The brainstorming was intense because it’s not very clear how a web host can do something unique in observance of a holiday to remember fallen U.S. service members. We’re not trying to stand out because of the somber occasion. So, we opted to offer something to offset the costs of family and friends who survive with the loss of a service member. It’s a small offer, a modest creative idea, and hopefully, anyone creating a blog on our platform to share their story or create a memorial will help them in some fashion.”

Starting April 30 to May 31, 2018, McCrossen Hosting will offer 10 percent off orders of $50 or more using the code remember18 at checkout.

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