Mc Aesthetics Innovations Award for Turkish President; High Level Aesthetic and Burn Center Honored

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ali Altintas was honored as Presidential Doctor

Prof Dr Altintas honored by University Ashgabat

The Mc Aesthetics Group, with its 10 clinics in Europe, honors outstanding and innovative concepts in plastic surgery. One of the largest aesthetic and burn centers in Asia has opened in Ashgabat, with 130 beds. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ali Altintas, as the medical director of the Mc Aesthetics Group, was invited to Ashgabat by the President. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ali Altintas is considered an expert in plastic surgery. His Haute Couture Techniques in aesthetic surgery have also been used in high-class aesthetic and burn medicine for a long time.

The Mc Aesthetics Innovation Award was presented directly to President Berdimuhamedow (Ashgabat, Oct. 2022) for the High Level Aesthetic and Burn Center in Asia. During the live broadcast on state television, Berdimuhamedow thanked both the Mc Aesthetics Group (Germany) and its medical director Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ali Altintas (Monaco). The medical director has been known for his commitment to the development of new techniques for years. As part of the celebrations, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ali Altintas was honored from President as Presidential Doctor. He is a long-time advisor to various royal ruling families.

The Ashgabat University honors the achievements of Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ali Altintas as medical director of the Mc Aesthetics Group. Aesthetic surgery will also be a focus of the new clinic. The Mc Aesthetics Group provides development aid in consultation with the Ministry of Health. In this new center of aesthetic surgery, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ali Altintas will also make new techniques in aesthetic surgery available, which he successfully uses in his 10 clinics in Europe for the super-rich and high society.

Who is Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ali Altintas?

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ali Altintas, born in Germany and living in Monaco, a plastic and aesthetic surgery specialist, is the first High Society Surgeon from Europa that uses Haute Couture Techniques.

Find his clinics for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in some of the most famous avenues in Germany (Munich-Maximillianstr, Berlin-Kurfürstendamm, Hamburg-Neuer Wall, Düsseldorf-Königsallee, Frankfurt, Köln, Stuttgart), Switzerland (Zurich-Bahnhofstr), Austria (Vienna-Tuchlaubenhof).

He has served as the Chief Advisor of Plastic Surgery to different Prime Ministers and Country Leaders, and as a Special Advisor to the Leading Families.

On ethics, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ali Altintas is the Senior author of the publication "In the Service of Beauty" - supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ali Altıntas has the highest recognition by many plastic surgeons, especially in the "Ethical Moral Obligation in Plastic Surgery" section. For this reason, he is considered an advocate of ethical moral obligations in plastic surgery in Europe.

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ali Altıntas holds the patents of Haute Couture Techniques, which are the highest level in aesthetic surgery.

Source: Mc Aesthetics

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