Mazree Launches Free Solution for Selling Used Medical Equipment

As one of the nation's leading online platforms for buying and selling used medical equipment, Mazree ( has launched a new General Listings feature that allows anyone to list their medical equipment for free.

Mazree's General Listings is a free feature that enables anyone that has used medical equipment to use a platform to easily create listings, get their equipment in front of more buyers, and ultimately get it sold.

Mazree traditionally has been restrictive to primarily only allowing hospitals and health systems to sell used medical equipment on their site. While Mazree's auctions will continue to be available to approved sellers only, this new "General Listings" module will enable anyone with used medical equipment a platform to sell on the site.

In speaking about the launch, Tyson Zullo, responsible for Mazree's operations, said, "Our website traffic has increased exponentially over the years, and we are constantly receiving requests from companies and individuals to help them sell their used medical equipment. Until now, there hasn't been a good online platform out there specifically for anyone to list medical equipment they are looking to sell. That's why we launched this new feature. Mazree's site can now be a conduit for them.

Beginning today, anyone with used medical equipment that they are looking to sell can simply create an account and publish their first listing in a matter of minutes, either through their computer or through Mazree's mobile app. 

About Mazree

Mazree is one of the leading online platforms for buying and selling used medical equipment. They provide industry-leading technology and asset recovery services for hospitals and health systems to redeploy, resell, and recycle used medical equipment. Mazree's mission is to have zero pieces of medical equipment ever reach a landfill. 

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