Mayur Patil's Tech and Modern Media Savvy Helps Build Brands While Proving Especially Beneficial During Pandemic

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​Mayur Patil knows tech. He also knows modern media, which is something millions around the world can be grateful for. After all, he built two of TikTok’s most popular channels in the fashion and beauty niche, which have, in turn, played a role in helping people keep themselves engaged and entertained during the pandemic. And that is just for starters.

Patil started his career at 10PM Curfew, a fashion and beauty network and cross-platform women’s media company founded by multi-talented actress, model and singer Bella Thorne. There, he led growth and strategy and built the @Style and @Girls TikTok channels that amassed 11.2 million followers and grew impressions from 30 million to 1.3 billion monthly in just six months. Today, he has expanded his digital wings even further and is part of Bustle Digital Group’s (BDG) team, where he helps lead brand development across all of its TikTok channels. BDG is the fastest-growing publisher in modern media with a portfolio of distinct digital and experiential brands that aim to shape culture.

“COVID-19 has taken a toll on all of us in one way or another. It’s been personally rewarding to have helped people to cope with the stress and stay happy in quarantine by creating TikTok channels that have proven so popular. I think the numbers speak for themselves,” Patil said.

Patil caught on to the potential of TikTok- the short-form video app - early. Yet as the pandemic settled in, he adjusted 10PM Curfew’s strategy around the platform to take into account the changing needs of the audience. In fact, in the last few months, hundreds of millions of people around the world have downloaded TikTok. From January through March alone, the app was downloaded 315 million times - topping every other app ever for a single quarter.

Patil’s repertoire extends beyond his social media prowess though. To his credit, he assembled in just one month an SMS subscription line to over 172 thousand female subscribers.

“My passion is melding technology with modern media to change the way people engage with brands and each other, and I’m proud of my track record in boosting global media brands across social channels,” he added. “If this pandemic has taught me anything, I now know we can each make a positive difference simply by tapping into our skills and expertise.”

In addition to leading growth and strategy at BDG, Patil is pursuing his bachelor’s in computer science with a concentration in machine intelligence and software engineering at Purdue University. For more information about Mayur Patil’s tech and modern media services, go to

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