Maxota Raw is Made With Love

San Diego-based Maxota Raw is committed to making hand-crafted pet food with whole food ingredients in an open kitchen for the health, well-being of animals

Raw food advocates and business partners Alisa "AJ" Wechsler and Gunner Williams are on a mission to help pet owners discover the preventative health benefits of a whole, raw diet.

As animal lovers, their commitment to the health, well-being and love of animals became the catalyst for Maxota Raw, which fulfills the passion for overall pet health and nutrition while educating humans on the benefits of incorporating a biologically appropriate raw diet of lean, clean, raw superfoods into their pets' lives. 

"We believe raising awareness about pet health and diet improves the relationship between people and their pets and is a great way to understand how great nutrition can change their lives for the better," said Wechsler. "With our artisanal, small-batch handmade raw food and treats, our goal is to make feeding your pets superior quality food super easy."

Maxota pet food is free from chemicals, fillers, preservatives and over-processing, with just raw meat, bone, and whole ingredients created with love in an open kitchen so they can thrive. The food recipes are formulated based on the ancestral diet dogs were designed to eat, which means pet owners can say goodbye to pet issues associated with other food such as skin allergies, expensive meds, vet bills and sensitive stomachs.

"We've dedicated ourselves to providing superior-quality pet food that's responsibly sourced and nutritionally sound by using fresh, high-quality ingredients that give your pets the building blocks for a longer, healthier life," Wechsler said.

A dog's diet that's high in grains and low in nutrients is detrimental to their health, which is difficult for a dog to digest and puts stress on a dog's pancreas. Unfortunately, this is the case with commonly sold and bought pet food.

Serving a dog cooked food depletes it of natural enzymes naturally found in raw foods and needed for proper immune function. Maxota Raw dog treats come straight from the butcher block for dogs of all sizes and are safe, healthy and free from preservatives, additives, supplements or fillers. All Maxota Raw meats (muscle meat, raw meaty bones and organ) come from local USDA-approved facilities and are antibiotic, hormone and steroid free.

Not only are these an excellent source of bioavailable calcium, glucosamine and chondroitin, but they are also necessary for healthy hip and joint function. Healthy portions of bison, venison, rabbit, beef, turkey, chicken and duck are served alongside fruit and vegetable superfoods — combinations that are created specifically for the long-term health of every pet owner's best friend. 

The Maxota Raw open kitchen and retail shop is located in the heart of San Diego at 475 10th Avenue. Schedule a consultation by visiting or call AJ and Gunner at 845-328-0364 for more information about your pet's raw diet.

Source: Maxota Raw