Maxine Kia McClendon's New Book "The 8ight: Retribution" Is the Captivating Final Chapter of a Story Chronicling a Genetically Enhanced Group of Kids, Known as the 8ight

Newest publication "The 8ight: Retribution" from Fulton Books author Maxine Kia McClendon is the powerful and driven story of a group of children uniquely motivated to end the diabolical organization that has given them amazing abilities.

Maxine Kia McClendon, an incredibly talented high school senior, has completed her most recent book “The 8ight: Retribution”:  the third and final installment of a thrilling story involving a group of children with abilities pitted against the organization that enhanced them.  

Maxine says that although she is sad to bring the trilogy of her beloved characters to an end, she is, “... eager to create new worlds, memorable characters, and thrilling stories.”

Published by Fulton Books, Maxine Kia McClendon’s book finds the group reeling from the death of little Silvia, enigmatic Ethan, and loyal Ginger, and the 8ight have vowed enough is enough.  Realizing that fleeing the grips of the Company is next to impossible, they decide to guarantee their safety by destroying any and every thing associated with the diabolical organization that has given them their amazing abilities.

Led by their hard-as-nails leader Tess, Emmitt, Demi, Raven, Luke, Fabian, Jude, and Pepper take the fight to Sir, the Company’s powerful leader.  But secret plans have been put into motion to bring the children to heel once and for all, and the Company pulls out all the stops to achieve their goal of finally unlocking the secret buried within the 8ight’s genetic code.

New adversaries appear, and old ones emerge more powerful than ever, more powerful than all of the 8ight’s abilities combined.  The 8ight have grown closer as a family, and the crucible of the trials they have overcome has nourished their love for each other.

No one knows if that love will be enough to survive what is coming.

Readers who wish to experience this captivating work can purchase “The 8ight: Retribution” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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