'MAXIMUM CAPACITY' Jumps 1,000 Years Into the Future and Captivates Audiences of All Ages

Dystopian Sci-Fi Novel Captivates With Original Overpopulation Concept: For Every Baby Born ... Another Human Must Die


Morgan James' new release MAXIMUM CAPACITY: A Novel by Troy Suesse is a daring adventure set in a fascinating dystopian world where for every baby born, another human must die — the good hunt the bad and a monumental struggle to survive on a dying planet Earth intensifies.

Dazzle the imagination with the terrifying reality that Earth's depleted resources cannot sustain further population growth. Massive overcrowding and starvation have compelled a mysterious ruling body to conduct fight-to-the-death competitions to eliminate society's worst offenders. Events take place before a live, interactive audience. At the same time, to avoid extinction, mankind desperately searches for new, habitable planets.

MAXIMUM CAPACITY combines two parallel themes: the allure of an Earth-based futuristic action thriller and the fascination of deep space travel and discovery. A truly unique storyline delivers original concepts and clever twists, designed to enthrall Sci-Fi and action-adventure enthusiasts. This gripping novel ushers in an exciting new wave of dystopian intrigue — a must-read for fans of The Hunger Games.

Troy Suesse
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About the Author:

Troy Suesse is a professional employee with 35 years of federal service in the Intelligence Community. Raised near the robust watershed of the Chesapeake Bay, he developed a fond appreciation for the planet and the majestic beauty of all living things. It's humbling to know that planet Earth is but a speck of dust nestled among billions of galaxies in a colossal universe. Inspired by science, nature, and outer space, Troy hopes readers will enjoy immersing themselves in an incredible dystopian world as a troubling scenario plays out and, at the same time, garner a greater appreciation for Earth's precious resources. He invites his audience to share his fascination that there simply must be another planet Earth, somewhere out there, able to sustain us — a place capable of perpetuating the existence of man. Join Troy's quest to find it.

More About This Title:

MAXIMUM CAPACITY: A Novel, by Troy Suesse, released by Morgan James Publishing on Feb. 15, 2022. MAXIMUM CAPACITY — 9781631956423 — has 286 pages and is being sold as a trade paperback for $18.95.

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