Maximise Customer Retention with Intelligent, Reliable Technology

Xynomix consider the importance of utilising Business Intelligence (BI) and supporting underlying database systems to improve customer retention and value.

Gathering Intelligence...

The ability to utilise 'BI' tools relies on the efficient collection and storage of customer data.

Data Warehousing provides the ability to store data at its lowest level of granularity. Mining into this data using OLAP and other BI tools can deliver a virtual map of customer profitability, dormancy, loyalty, purchasing habits and defection characteristics.

Distributing Intelligence...

'Pervasive BI' will always deliver the greatest value. With real-time data feeds that are pooled from various sources and made accessible to all departments, employees have the knowledge to make intelligent decisions geared towards the improvement of customers' experiences.

Supporting Intelligent Technologies...

Internal BI systems and the systems responsible for Online 'service delivery' within an organisation are only as reliable as the underlying database environment.

The few button clicks that shape an employee's experience of 'BI', or a customer's opinion of the organisation's online service delivery, mask a complex network of application servers, virtualized systems, heterogeneous operating systems, data warehouses, Service Oriented Architectures and many other components.

Such complex systems are vulnerable to multiple points of failure and can be particularly difficult to manage in environment production. Technical failure will cause a loss of confidence in the system and the organisation.

A 24x7 database monitoring solution can guarantee real-time issue resolution for the seamless delivery of data to employees and online services to customers. Working together, employees and technologies can ensure that your customer base remains protected and profitable.

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