Maximiliano Fiano Perfected His Trading Software After 16 Years of Work

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Maximiliano Fiano is a well-known hedge fund manager and an authority in his niche. Fiano started off as a financial consultant who slowly built his career while providing insight for worldwide clients.

Today, Maximiliano Fiano works as a currency analyst and commodities trader, helping his clients make better decisions when it comes to trading. But the well-known trader wanted to help in other ways too. He wanted to help everyone make better decisions by sharing his knowledge and experience.

In his long career as a financial consultant and currency analyst and commodities trader, he learned all the tools of the trade. Now, he wants to share it with the world.

Almost 16 years ago, Fiano started working on a program that would monitor multiple markets and work in the background without any intervention from the user.

The program has now been perfected, and after 16 years of work, the High-Frequency Trading Program can make decisions on its own while using sophisticated tools to perform market research.

The HFT program can benefit anyone, regardless of whether the user is knowledgeable or has no previous trading experience.

There is also no effort involved when using this program. It does the market research and decision making on its own.

It can be left to run in the background, and it makes transactions at any hour of the day without the user having to check on the status of the transactions or modify the settings.

The speed at which decisions are made is vital when it comes to trading. Manual traders do not have the time or resources to keep an eye on multiple markets simultaneously or make trading decisions at any hour.

Maximiliano Fiano realized that the everyday trader, no matter how experienced, is limited because there are only so many hours in a day. Plus, the market moves so fast that when you think you got it, it is already gone.

Fiano is proud to create a program that not only works on its own but also offers more efficient than other programs of its kind.

The average daily return can be anywhere between 3 and 4 percent. In the world of trading, these percentages are quite good. Also, it's important to keep in mind that it does not require any work or effort.

The number are also quite high compared to how many high-frequency trades there are. These trades constitute anywhere between 60 and 70 percent of all stock trades in the United States.

On top of this, the market has improved, and this is good news for any type of trader. After the 2008 economic crisis and the fall of the Lehman Brothers, more and more companies saw an opportunity to trade with their own liquidities.

There is another benefit of the HFT program. Now that the liquidity on the market has improved, the chances of making some profit are actually higher.

But Fiano’s software is not without its critics. They are eager to bring up that all the decisions are made by an algorithm instead of humans.

However, Maximiliano Fiano, the creator of the HFT software, believes that everyone should have access to this type of knowledge and use it as a tool to earn more and increase their quality of life.

The software created by Fiano is the only one that empowers even inexperienced traders to make accurate predictions without any previous knowledge. Even though the rise of technology could lead to market changes, softwares are just tools used to increase odds.

While Maximiliano Fiano does not describe his HFT program as the ultimate tool for making predictions and transactions, it can certainly make a difference in the life of many.

The software is not perfect, and its creator will continue to work on it. However, it is one of the best pieces of software on the market when it comes to trading.

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