Maximiliano Fiano Creates the High-Frequency Trading Program

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Maximiliano Fiano became a leader in his field after working as a financial consultant. He first offered his consulting services to local clients and worked his way up to offering his insight and guidance to clients all around the world.

Lately, he has been working as a currency analyst, commodities trader, and consultant for his clients.

The hard work and endurance helped Maximiliano Fiano thrive in his career. It also allowed him to find other ways to scale up his consulting business.

He knew he couldn’t provide his insight to just anyone because not everyone can afford an experienced consultant. Plus, he had to find a way to help inexperienced traders too.

The experienced trader started working on a project that would solve all of these problems. Most of all the solution he brings would be available to beginners too.

Fiano started working on a software 16 years ago that he named the High-Frequency Trading Program (HFT).  Today, it is one of the best pieces of software on the market when it comes to trading.

The HFT programs perform all the tasks a manual trader does, but it comes with a few perks too. This includes saving time, performing market analysis with no effort involved, and no time spent waiting for the perfect opportunity to make a transaction.

After all, performing research is time-consuming. Plus, speed is vital in the world of trading. Selling an asset at the wrong time can undermine your efforts.

The software comes with another feature that makes it unique. After drawing the conclusions, it works by itself and it makes all the decisions needed at the right time with no intervention whatsoever.

Fiano also made the software user-friendly. You just turn it on and let it work in the background. Doing this, you won’t have to worry about what to do next.

Because of the huge advantage that users who use the High-Frequency Trading Program possess, Fiano’s work has received its fair share of criticism. He uses algorithms to make decisions and complete transactions rather than human brainpower.

But the creator of the program sees it differently. Breaking into the trading world is quite difficult, and once you are in, you have to work hard to determine when an asset’s value will go up or down.

Many times, traders spend hours every day only to discover that they still didn’t sell an asset when it was the most profitable, simply because a trader can’t stay up all day and night to keep an eye on the market.

The HFT program is meant to help traders who can’t spend hours and hours every day performing research. It'd also for people who are just getting started with trading. 

With this project, Maximiliano Fiano hopes he opened the gates to the world of trading to users who don’t have any previous knowledge about the trading world, yet want to supplement their income by making transactions.

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