Maxeler at Singapore Finance Week, 13 -17th November 2017

​Maxeler Technologies launches a Dataflow-enabled Real Time Risk Engine and in particular, its Counter Party Risk Dashboard at Singapore Finance Week. Come speak to us at Singapore Finance Week and learn about our new product range ideal for sell side and buy side firms.

Maxeler’s Real Time Risk has:

  • Real-time ticking foreign exchange risk
  • Real-time full portfolio recalculation of prices and greeks across multiple standard deviations of spot movements

Maxeler’s Counter-Party risk dashboard:

  • Credit-value adjustment (CVA)
  • Real-time recalculation of marginal contribution of new trades and potential impacts this would have on CVA.​
  • Margin: realtime calculation of ISDA SIMM

​Maxeler Technologies, the Dataflow company, provides real time data processing with unmatched speed, ultra low latency, low energy cost and physically small dataflow devices (DFEs) to compute workloads infeasible with non-Dataflow technology. Maxeler Risk solutions come integrated with industry leading market data services and support for FPML to drive trade data.

Compliance: In addition, Maxeler Dataflow Engines combined with industry leading storage form an ideal substrate for MIFID II solutions.

Maxeler’s MIFID II Appliance

  • captures and time-stamps trades in real-time
  • pulls off at line rate and processes at real-time
  • produces reports all in a secure private cloud from a top tier vendor

About Maxeler Technologies

Maxeler Technologies is a global supplier of high performance analytics and real time computing technology and services. Maxeler’s Dataflow Engines process large, complex data at high speed, with high energy efficiency and ultra low latency. Our strength - providing competitive advantage to mission critical applications where the computing problem grows too big, and compute time, energy cost and space really matter - is core to the solutions we have provided to Tier 1 banking, global financial exchanges, oil exploration and data / network security organisations.

Source: Maxeler Technologies