MaxBotix Launches RangeTrack: Simplifying Ultrasonic Sensor Integration With USB Connection

Revolutionizing Liquid Level Monitoring and Sensor Integration

Ultrasonic RangeTrack Application

MaxBotix, a leading provider of ultrasonic sensor solutions, unveils two innovative products aimed at transforming liquid level monitoring and sensor integration processes: the MaxBotix Ultrasonic Tank Sensor and RangeTrack application.

The MaxBotix Ultrasonic Tank Sensor revolutionizes tank level monitoring with its state-of-the-art design. Offering up to 1 mm resolution, multiple range options (up to 16.5 meters), and a wide operating temperature range (-40ºC to +65ºC), this sensor ensures unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Its low power consumption and advanced range of information make it an ideal solution for level monitoring and automation.  

"Our Ultrasonic Tank Sensor empowers users to confidently monitor tank and liquid levels across many styles of containers," says Scott Wielenberg, Sales Manager at MaxBotix. "It's a comprehensive solution to eliminate guesswork and prevent disasters."

To complement the Tank Sensor, MaxBotix introduces RangeTrack—a revolutionary application simplifying sensor integration. RangeTrack offers connectivity with MaxBotix sensors equipped with USB cables, eliminating custom wiring and additional software. This user-friendly tool accelerates sensor performance validation, significantly reducing development time.

"RangeTrack showcases the advanced capabilities of MaxBotix sensors without complex setups," adds Scott Wielenberg.

In addition to the Tank Sensor and RangeTrack, MaxBotix has optimized existing USB sensors and expanded USB connectivity to WR (weather-resistant) sensors, enhancing compatibility across product lines.

Key benefits of RangeTrack include effortless integration, time-saving connectivity, and compatibility with various MaxBotix ultrasonic sensor models. This application reflects MaxBotix's commitment to providing user-centric solutions that simplify complex sensor integration, empowering developers and engineers to focus on innovation.

For more information about the MaxBotix Ultrasonic Tank Sensor and RangeTrack, visit MaxBotix Ultrasonic Tank Sensor and RangeTrack.

Unlock the full potential of your sensor solutions today with MaxBotix's Ultrasonic Tank Sensor and RangeTrack application, providing worry-free tank management and seamless sensor integration at

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