MaxAngel Introduces MaxAngel M1, the Smart 4K UHD Laser Ultra Short Throw TV Projector

Introducing the MaxAngel M1, the world's first mass-produced TR0.21 projection-rate laser projector with SP-RTIR super engine, MEMC, HDR10, and full-color RGB

MaxAngel announced the development of the MaxAngel M1 to create an immersive movie-watching experience for everyone. MaxAngel 4k laser TV is a smart TV and also laser projector that provides true 4k resolution images. Bring the cinema into users' homes. Stunning 4K image quality even in the daytime.

TheMaxAngel M1 Includes:

  • Real 4K UHD Laser Cinema: Bring the cinematic experience home with true 4K UHD resolution. M1's picture performance is clearer and brighter. Its 2500 lumens feature provides true brightness & colorful colors without distortion.
  • HDR10 Super realistic movie experience: Using HDR10, Dolby's visual depth goes beyond 10 bits, allowing for more vivid, crisp and detailed images.
  • Exclusive TI DMD Projection Tech: With the TI DMD core processing chip, customers will experience a 4K picture with the most vibrant colors, great contrasts, and near-perfect clarity, thus minimizing color differences.
  • An Astonishing 150" Home Theater: Forget the traditional small 80" TV, now users can enjoy up to 150" giant screen whenever and wherever they want
  • 0.21:1 Ultra Short Throw: Adopting a 0.21:1 ultimate short throw rate, it can be directly placed on a TV cabinet and can be used only 16.14"/6.69" away from the display surface to project a super-large, 150"/100" screen.
  • Smoother Picture Effect: Come with MEMC technology, helps users unlock the full potential of a high refresh rate display by making the picture play clearer, smoother, and with less motion blur. 
  • Authentic Theater Sound: Hi-Fi panoramic sound can fill spaces of up to 200 square meters with high-quality audio.
  • Easily Wireless Sharing: Provide a direct synchronization with both Android and iOS without any cable.
  • Enjoy the Endless Fun: With a built-in Android TV Stick 9.0, gives customers access to thousands of video streaming apps.

Pricing and Availability: The MaxAngel M1 is available on Indiegogo for $1,699 (48% OFF from original price $3,299).

About MaxAngel :

MaxAngel was founded in 2019 by a group of young, passionate entrepreneurs to create an immersive movie-watching experience for everyone. 

As movie lovers ourselves, the MaxAngel team was never satisfied with the restrictive experience provided by traditional TV, and throughout the years MaxAngel team constantly sought out ways to enhance the viewing experience. When the MaxAngel team discovered laser TV, they were completely blown away by it. During the past two years, the MaxAngel team organized a 10-person team to travel to Japan, Germany, and other countries to find the world's top optical masters, working together to create a custom-level home theater for users and their families, providing an audio-visual feast unlike any other.

MaxAngel Laser TV has brought the team a wealth of wonderful moments, and they are confident of winning customers' trust and affection with its excellent quality and reputation.

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