Max Cash Title Loans is Proud to Announce Their Car Photo Contest

Max Cash Title Loans, the top-rated car title loan referral service, is running a car photo contest with a $500 prize. Random winner!

Max Cash Title Loans

​​Max Cash Title Loans, the top-rated car title loan referral service in the industry, is delighted to announce that they will be providing an opportunity to win $500 by conducting a car photo contest on social media. The cash will be awarded based on a random drawing so everyone will have a chance to win.

The Max Cash Title Loans Car Photo Contest’s entry period began on December 15th of 2016 and will be ongoing until January 16th, 2017. All entries must be received by midnight on the 16th to qualify to win. The contest is easy to enter and there is no purchase necessary to win. All that is required of you is to take an original photo of your vehicle, post it to the contest’s Facebook page, like the Facebook page, and share the promotion page on your own Facebook wall. The winner of $500 will be notified directly following the entry deadline.

So many beautiful vehicles, from classics to super modern, people just love their cars. This contest to win $500 is for celebration of that love. It's time to show off and use your car as a model for our site.

Fred Winchar, President

Max Cash Title Loans was recently named as Top Consumer Reviews’ top pick amongst all car title loan providers, with a five-star and best-in-class rating. Max Cash Title Loans’ has not only snagged the number one spot on Top Consumer Reviews but, additionally, has the highest score amongst title loan providers on Consumer Affairs, with a four and three-quarter star rating. Brian Dolezal of Top Consumer Reviews has said “Max Cash Title Loans makes it extremely easy to get the needed funds quickly…[and] makes every effort to use their loan volumes to get good interest rates and service for their customers.”

Max Cash Title Loans sets themselves apart from all other title loan providers in their tireless pursuit of excellence, service, encouragement, strength, diversity, support, and community. All of these things are encompassed in their mission statement to provide high quality loan services with integrity, professionalism, and respect to their clients, their lenders, and the community with which they share resources.

“For quite some time, we have wanted to show our clients that we are different than any other lending service out there,” says Fred Winchar, CEO and Founder of Max Cash Title Loans. “We thought, what better way to show that we are passionate about helping those in financial need than to give out free money!”

Max Cash Title Loans hopes that many individuals will enter their photo contest; and they look forward to awarding the lucky winner with $500 so they might start their new year with financial peace of mind.

About Max Cash Title Loans:

Max Cash Title Loans is a brand of Tradition Media Group, LLC (TMG Loan Processing) which is the largest title loan independent car title loan processor in the nation and the highest ranked title loan processor as rated by Consumer Affairs. Max Cash Title Loans is an extensive title loan referral service that partners with title loan lenders nationwide. If you need funding quickly, Max Cash Title Loans finds you a lender with competitive interest rates and low monthly installments. No matter where you live, from the west coast to the east coast, they can help you obtain a title loan.

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Fred Winchar
Phone: 480-498-3940 

Source: Max Cash Title Loans

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