Mav Launches AI-Powered Live Call Transfers

With Mav's modern, SMS-first approach to call centers, Mav now extends its use of Conversational AI to initiate a live phone call between AI-qualified leads and sales representatives

Mav Party Lines

Mav, a Conversational AI-powered digital sales assistant, announced the launch of "Party Lines" today, a first-of-its-kind SMS-to-live call transfer feature for call and contact centers. Mav Party Lines extends the Conversational AI lead generation funnel from text messaging outreach and qualifying to a live phone call between qualified leads and an available sales representative.

Recognizing the experience gap between an automated text message conversation and a traditional outbound call center, Mav approached the last-mile lead-to-contact problem with a goal of creating the best "speed-to-experience" on the market.

The Party Lines experience is similar to any human-powered live call transfer, except the AI-powered Mav is involved every step of the way to facilitate a successful live transfer, even if one of the two parties are not available. Party Lines are designed to be contextually aware of the status of both the lead and the sales rep's availability. 

For example, if a lead does not pick up for a live call transfer, Mav texts them immediately to coordinate the next best time to call. If a sales rep is busy or unavailable, Mav finds the next best time and texts the lead to coordinate availability. Both parties are continuously informed and in control of when their next phone call will be initiated while Mav works simultaneously in the background, updating internal systems and CRMs along the way.

In addition to Mav's one-click integrations with popular CRMs like Hubspot and Salesforce and products like Zapier, the Mav API gives call and contact centers an additional layer of integration and customization within their internal systems.

Early partners who shifted their contact strategy from a traditional outbound call center to Mav's SMS-first approach integrated with Party Lines saw the following results:

  • 89% lift in lead-to-contact rate, a 3x overall improvement
  • Higher quality of leads with an average talk time of 15 minutes

"Party Lines illustrates our continued commitment to being product innovators in this space. We truly believe Party Lines will transform the call center. By shifting the contact strategy from last-mile outbound to inbound, companies will not only deliver a better experience for their customers, they'll be able to scale faster and improve their contact rates, all while increasing revenue and reducing expenses," Mav CEO Matthew Black adds.

Party Lines are now available for new and existing Mav customers. To get more information and sign up, visit the Mav website.

About Mav: Mav is a digital assistant with a modern, text-first approach to call centers. Using Conversational AI, Mav automates lead outreach and qualification, then directly connects qualified leads with sales reps with a party line-style live transfer. Feel the economic impact of shifting your outbound call centers to inbound, and give leads the best buying experience possible with Mav.

Source: Mav

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Mav helps lead sellers and affiliates scale, retain more clients and grow their existing book of business by engaging, qualifying and delivering live lead transfers with Conversational AI and text messaging.


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