Matrix Impact Opens First of Its Kind Business Simulation Center

Matrix Impact has developed a system of improving hiring and increasing sales using custom business simulations and its one of a kind Business Simulation Center.

Finding and training the best people is and will always be the most important issue for business. Matrix Impact’s newly launched and first of its kind Business Simulation Center reduces the risk, cost and time involved in hiring and promoting while decreasing the time it takes to train best practice skills.

Matrix Impact’s technique of using real world simulations of a company’s business unit, process or product allows clients to judge potential hires and train internal candidates with the same competitive dynamics in the context of a risk-free, application specific environment. “You wouldn’t want to find out a person is no good at trade shows by putting him in your booth at a real trade show. We can simulate a trade show with an actual booth in our Sim Center with no lost revenue or bad customer perception because of a mediocre sales rep,” said owner John Kolencik.

Kolencik has been conducting business simulations for client companies for over 20 years. “Nobody would buy a car without taking it for a test drive, why should you be forced to hire someone without seeing their ability to perform required business tasks with your own eyes,” said Kolencik

The simulations were always in whatever room was available at the Client’s office with no ability to customize and make it more real to the candidate. Business averages say a bad hire or promotion costs approximately 5 times their yearly salary. A $50,000 salary will cost you $250,000 overall if your hire or promote the wrong person so Kolencik needed to ensure the most accurate results at all times for his clients. 

When searching for the location, Kolencik partnered with Matt Sheets owner of DayStar Staffing. “John’s vision to improve hiring and development of employees was completely in sync with mine,” said Sheets. The Business Simulation Center and Day Star share a unique office building, in Westlake, that supports their complementary services.


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Matrix Impact increases our Client's sales revenue an average of 42% by finding the best people, training them and providing high producing lead generation. We work from the boardroom to the front lines building high performing business teams.

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