Masy BioServices to Distribute New Products

Masy, a leading provider of quality solutions for Life Sciences, is now offering precision products from SenseAnywhere and Insatech

Insacal Conductivity Meter

​Masy BioServices announced it has added products by SenseAnywhere and Insatech to its selective portfolio of products and services.

“We are excited about our partnerships with SenseAnywhere and Insatech,” said Laurie Masiello, President, Masy BioServices. “The addition of these precision products to our portfolio confirms our continued commitment to offer our customers the highest quality products available.”

We are excited about our partnerships with SenseAnywhere and Insatech. The addition of these precision products to our portfolio confirms our continued commitment to offer our customers the highest quality products available.

Laurie Masiello, President, Masy BioServices

SenseAnywhere, headquartered in The Netherlands, manufactures ultra-low-power, wireless, cloud-based sensors. “SenseAnywhere’s turnkey solutions,” said Masiello, “are perfect for companies which require a cost-effective monitoring device and insist on precision and reliability.” The sensors are easy to install, use and maintain and can measure parameters such as temperature, humidity, CO2, and motion.

“We decided to partner with Masy BioServices because they are well recognized in the North American market with vast experience in temperature monitoring, calibration, and mapping services,” said Tom Heijnen, CEO, Owner, SenseAnywhere. “Masy has a proven track record and supplies services to many renowned customers. We are excited to work with Masy to bring our unique products to North America.”

Insatech, based in Denmark, has created the Insacal Conductivity Standard to measure water purity. This portable device solves the problems encountered by traditional testing methods by eliminating the need for disposable liquid solutions. “Ultra-pure water compliance is critical to many of our customers’ applications,” said Masiello. “We chose the Insacal Conductivity Standard because it is the only portable reference standard capable of +/-0.37% cell constant accuracy.”

“When we met Masy BioServices’ senior management team in 2017, it was clear that Masy and Insatech had much in common,” said Jabob Møller, CEO Insatech A/S. “We both strive to be best in class and we both value quality in service with high-end accreditations. We are proud to work with Masy and trust we will have a strong future together.”

To lease or purchase SenseAnywhere products including AiroSensor, ClimateSensor, AssetSensor, StatusSensor, and AccessPoint, or to purchase Insatech’s Insacal Conductivity Standard, visit

About Masy BioServices

Masy BioServices, located in Pepperell, MA, has provided reliable solutions to the life sciences community for over 35 years through an array of services including: calibration of primary standards and critical test equipment, validation and IQ/OQ/PQ of environmental chambers, autoclaves, and thermal warehouse mapping, and lab equipment rental and sales. Masy is a premier cGMP biorepository, offering secure and tightly controlled temperature storage from -196˚C to 70˚C for a variety of materials including, pharmaceuticals, cell banks, tissues, compounds, vaccines and medical devices.

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