MasterMind Hardware and Logistics Announces Launch of Feature Full Budget Android Tablet Priced at Just $79.99

MasterMind Hardware and Logistics recently announced the launch of the M² Tablet, a feature full budget Android tablet that is being sold at the price of $79.99.

There was a time when a quality tablet computer represented a serious investment.  Thanks to the hard work of MasterMind Hardware and Logistics, this age seems to be being passed by very quickly.  The new company, founded in 2014, recently announced the launch of their first product the M² Tablet, a feature full budget Android tablet that's carrying a price tag of just $79.99. 

“We're very proud of the quality of the M² Tablet something we put a huge amount of work in,” commented a spokesperson from MasterMind Hardware and Logistics.  “This isn't a budget tablet in features at all – just in price.”

Elaine G., lifestyle writer from Boston, recently said, "The M² sounds really amazing. I'll be pre-ordering one for sure. The idea of a quality tablet for less than $100 is amazing... for $79.99 it's a dream come true."

Elaine G., Lifestyle writer from Boston

According to the company, highlights about the M² include: a quad core Mediatek SoC processor; 1GB ram; 8GB storage; 7” IPS screen; duel cameras; U.S compatible dual sim 3G; and much, much more.

The M² Tablet is also equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS Tracking and even a FM reciever.

Pre-orders for the M² are currently being accepted at the company's website. From May 12th to May 19th, those who pre-order will not be charged for their tablet until production begins.

Anyone who pre-orders will also get one month of free access to MAGE (Mobile Application Generation Environment). MAGE is our mobile application builder, which allows anyone to create mobile apps without any coding for iOS, Android, and Ubuntu Touch.

According to a MasterMind Hardware and Logistics spokesman, “This pre-order system will allow us to better gauge inventory and reduce our risk allowing us to pass savings along to the customers and offer the M² for a lower price and still be able to stay afloat being a smaller company with less capital to keep an excess of inventory. For this reason we recommend you pre-order if you’re planning on getting a M², this will ensure you get one.”

For more information and to pre-order be sure to visit