Master of the Horror Score, Simon Boswell to Score New Indie Trans-Led Horror Feature

The Girls - a Trans-led Horror Feature - Launches Campaign with Boswell to Score

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BAFTA-nominated and renowned composer and music producer Simon Boswell, known for his work on films such as "Lord of Illusions," "The Crying Game," and "Santa Sangre," has been confirmed as the composer for the upcoming trans-led horror feature, "The Girls."

With an impressive repertoire in the horror genre, Boswell has become synonymous with crafting haunting and immersive scores that leave a lasting impact on audiences. His exceptional talent has made his compositions integral components of some of the most iconic horror films and television shows to date.

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"The Girls," directed by Krista Michaels and co-written by Michaels, Brandy Bryant, and Jessica D'Amelio, promises to be a groundbreaking project that pushes boundaries within the genre. Boswell's involvement highlights his versatility as a composer, as he demonstrates his ability to create evocative and atmospheric soundscapes that enhance the overall cinematic experience.

Director Krista Michaels expressed her excitement about the film, stating, "There weren't many trans-led films, in general, much less horror films that we could grow our inspiration from, nor characters to aspire to. We hope to put together a team of fantastic women for the crew to fulfill our dreams of delivering a great time at the movies!"

"The Girls" aims to address the trials, tribulations, and bigotry faced by individuals from the transgender community while showcasing their resilience. The film has already secured Ryder Avalon for a leading role, portraying Pixie. Joining as producers are Blair Hawkins, Alice Wells and Steven Grooby, Founder & CEO of Grooby Productions, who also serves as the Executive Producer.

In conjunction with his involvement in "The Girls," Boswell's upcoming indie documentary, "Tripping the Dark Fantastic," directed by LG White, has garnered considerable anticipation. The documentary offers a unique and captivating exploration of Boswell's artistic journey, featuring a fantastic live performance by Boswell and his 12-piece band, Caduta Massi. It also includes interviews with influential artists such as Ewan McGregor, Dolly Parton, Elton John, and Iggy Pop, providing invaluable insights into Boswell's creative process and industry impact.

Interview opportunities are available with key talent involved in "The Girls," including Director and Writer Krista Michaels, Writers Brandy Bryant and Jessica D'Amelio, Producers Alice Wells and Blair Hawkins, as well as Composer Simon Boswell. Requests for on-camera or audio interviews can be accommodated upon inquiry.

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Cordell Productions is a minority, woman-owned indie production company dedicated to creating exceptional and groundbreaking content. Cordell Productions strives to contribute to the evolution of cinema from dream to screen.

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