Massimiliano Fiano is a Well-Known and Highly Respected Hedge Fund Manager

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​​Massimiliano Fiano is a well-known and highly respected hedge fund manager who built his career as a financial consultant for worldwide clients. At the moment, Fiano works as a currency analyst and commodities trader, providing insight and guidance for his clients.

One of his biggest achievements is the development of his High-Frequency Trading Program (HFT), a software that runs in the background that helps traders make low-risk decisions. He started working on his HFT software back in 2001. His goal was to create a program that any trader could use with no previous knowledge of the trading world.

Another goal of his was to create a program that is faster when it comes to decision making, and it runs in the background by itself.

Over the years he has slowly perfected the program until he reached a daily return between 3 and 4%.

These numbers are quite high since on average between 60 and 70% of the stock trades in the US are high-frequency trades.

Many traders now use programs that help them perform a large number of transactions. While the system Massimiliano Fiano created is not entirely new, it does have some innovative features. It uniquely combines most complex algorithms with an easy-to-use interface.

Also, few programs actually work independently in the background, which is vital for trading because it makes the transactions faster and more accurate. The history of HTF started when a number of exchange markets began offering incentives to various companies to allow trading.

After the fall of Lehman Brothers in 2008, some companies were interested in trading with their liquidity. As time went by, this type of trading became increasingly popular and had a huge impact on the market as a whole. Even the New York Stock Exchange is now involved in trading with their liquidity, which leads to more competitive quotes.

One of the biggest advantages of HFT trading is the fact that the liquidity on the market has now improved after bid-ask spreads were eliminated. On the flip side, the HFT has received some criticism since it uses algorithms instead of human interactions in the decision-making process. The program created by Massimiliano Fiano works in the background with no need to make any changes to it.

The use of algorithms and mathematical calculations led to major market changes that couldn’t be predicted, such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) seeing a 10% decline over a short period of time.

Fortunately, the company was able to recover, and later the root of the decline was discovered. It was a huge order. These types of events show that programs like HFT can make markets volatile.

Fiano’​s model is different from other HFT programs in many ways, such as the complexity of the algorithms and the speed at which transactions are being made. Speed is vital in trading, and a program that works in the background all the time, with no breaks, can make decisions at the right moment with no delay.

This means that programs like Fiano’s, which are able to keep an eye on multiple markets and make predictions with no intervention from the traders, can make more profit than manual traders.

It is, in essence, a big data analytics system that is able to accurately spot the dip in prices that occur when large amounts of shares are sold. Within minutes, this dip recovers again, giving people the opportunity to experience significant profits. The 3.5% average return that his program offers is unsurpassed by any other of its kind.

Fiano’s system is based on big data analytics that can perform faster and keep an eye on multiple markets at the same time as well as make decisions with no intervention at all. His system is capable of predictions that lead to an average of 3.5 % return, a percentage that hasn’t yet been surpassed by any other programs.

While Fiano does warn that his system is not perfect, he believes that now everyone can get themselves in the world of trading and making calculated risks just by using a high-quality HFT program.

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