MASS Group Introduces New Development With Alien Technology® to Enhance Data Acquisition Capabilities

MASS Group's commercial off-the-shelf software solution Traceability Made Easy® is now fully integrated with the newly advanced Nexus Multiplexor from Alien Technology®

TME® Locale History & Diagram

Manufacturing Automation & Software Systems, Inc., dba MASS Group, Inc., is announcing the full integration of the Alien Nexus Multiplexor with its commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software solution: Traceability Made Easy®. In addition to the Alien F800 reader, the newly implemented Alien Nexus Multiplexor is designed and developed to meet the market's demands for technology and data acquisition and will be an integral part of MASS Group's advancements in the RFID industry. 

Multiplexing offers distance, flexibility, and cost effectiveness. Whereas one reader counted as one location or portal, the multiplexor enables each antenna to be read individually, thereby increasing the space that can be covered per reader (can have up to 16 antennas per reader). The combination of TME® RFID and Alien's multiplexor offers a comprehensive real-time tracking software platform for mobile equipment, tools, inventory, IT assets, furniture, etc., across multi-tiered locations. MASS Group already offers the most cost-effective deployment of RFID at both a small and large scale and now the addition of the Alien Nexus Multiplexor provides the ability to scale even higher.

In addition to RFID capabilities and enhanced traceability and genealogy, Traceability Made Easy® provides manufacturers, organizations and government agencies better visibility, compliance, and process execution. This focus on visibility, compliance, and process execution is a core foundation for MASS Group's mission to deliver comprehensive and easy-to-use traceability and genealogy solutions. Our goal is to help end users, value-added resellers (VARS), and system integrators by providing an RFID-enabled, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS), extensible platform solution for all things related to supply chain traceability, inventory/warehouse management, asset inventory management, and Work-in-Process. 

The comprehensive TME® application includes MESCMMSWMS, and RFID solutions all available in one cloud-based platform that is ready out-of-the-box, quickly implemented, and requires no programming. TME® provides real-time dashboards/reporting and up-to-the-minute notifications, as well as innovative tools that enable supply chain managers, asset/warehouse managers, and process engineers to instantaneously make critical decisions. From raw material to finished goods, Traceability Made Easy® (TME ®) provides a full lifecycle management platform.

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