Mason Finance, Leader in Life Settlements, Launches Viatical Settlement Page

Mason Finance debuted a new viatical settlement page, with the goal of increasing awareness about the life settlement option. Currently, many policyholders don't understand the difference between a life settlement and a viatical settlement. More importantly, too many policyholders don't even know that they can sell their life insurance. In widening their net to include viatical settlements Mason Finance hopes to give a larger group of people the information they need to decide whether a life settlement makes sense for them.

In addition to launching their new viatical settlement page, Mason Finance continues to be focused on increasing access to life settlements through better technology and awareness.

About Mason Finance:

Mason Finance was founded on the idea that access to the right information and excellent financial services has no retirement date. Everyone, regardless of age, deserves honest financial products that are designed for them.

We have a passion for technology but an even deeper desire to help people get more out of their lives. Living longer is one of our greatest accomplishments but millions of people aging in poverty threaten its legacy.

We’re spreading the word about the option to sell a life insurance policy because we know that many people surrender or lapse their policies without the knowledge of a life settlement. This keeps us up at night.

At Mason Finance, we believe in the power of information, life settlements, viatical settlements, and annuities to empower people to take control of their financial lives as they age.

For media inquiries, contact Scott Abramson, (650) 451-9085.

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