Mashvisor Names the 10 Locations With the Highest Airbnb Occupancy Rate in 2019

These 10 U.S. real estate markets saw the highest percentage of booked nights on Airbnb in 2019

Ten Locations with the Highest Airbnb Occupancy Rate in 2019

Today, Mashvisor, a real estate data analytics company, announced the 10 U.S. real estate markets that experienced the highest Airbnb occupancy rate last year. The list is headed by Celebration, FL, which witnessed an average occupancy rate for short-term rentals booked through Airbnb of 73.0% in 2019. Celebration, FL, is followed by Honolulu, HI, with a rate of 71.2% and Albany, CA, with a rate of 71.1%.

Ten Locations with the Highest Airbnb Occupancy Rate in 2019

  1. Celebration, FL: 73.0%
  2. Honolulu, HI: 71.2%
  3. Albany, CA: 71.1%
  4. San Francisco, CA: 71.1%
  5. Mill Valley, CA: 69.7%
  6. Los Angeles, CA: 68.7%
  7. Lakewood, CO: 68.0%
  8. Richmond, CA: 67.6%
  9. Flagstaff, AZ: 67.1%
  10. Key West, CA: 66.5%

Mashvisor, based in the Bay Area, calculates the Airbnb occupancy rate as the percentage of actual nights booked over the total number of nights for which a listing was made available by the host over the last 12 months. The city-level rates are calculated as the average value for all Airbnb listings that were active in the city during the studied period. All calculations are based on data from the home-sharing platform Airbnb.

Mashvisor has analyzed the performance of Airbnb listings across all U.S. markets to produce this list, which focuses on cities with a minimum of 100 active listings.

Mashvisor highlights the fact that the State of California hosts the largest number of the busiest Airbnb cities. Six of the top 10 markets are located in California. The State of Florida comes second with two cities: Celebration, which heads the list, and Key West, at position number 10.

Peter Abualzolof, Co-Founder and CEO of Mashvisor, commented, “Since the founding of Airbnb in 2008, the home-sharing industry has grown at an unprecedented rate. Many travelers choose this accommodation type over traditional hotels. So it is only natural that the most popular business and tourist destinations, including California and Florida, will experience the highest Airbnb occupancy rates.

Abualzolof also reminded real estate investors who are interested in Airbnb rental properties that many of these busiest locations face strict short-term rental rules and regulations. Thus, investors have to consult the resources provided by the local authorities in each city and county before making an investment decision.

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