Mary Anns Candles and More: The One-Stop-Candle Shop for All Home Decor Needs

​Mary Anns Candles and More, a comprehensive online candle store dedicated to providing homeowners with every selection, color, and sized candle they need to perfectly decorate their homes, continues to save online shoppers both time and money in the candle buying process.

Borne from a passion for consolidating all candle requirements in a singular platform, Mary Anns Candles and More has every type of candle, from jar candles to pilar votives, and everything in between.

“Visitors will be able to find any color to better coordinate their candle purchases with specific decor in the house,” said Mary Ann McDonald, Founder and Owner of Mary Anns Candles and More. “Don’t waste time scouring the Internet far and wide for overly expensive, cheaply made candles. Say yes to quality with Mary Anns Candles and More.”

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