Mary Ann Benigno Has the Resume and Clinical Experience to Hold Important Medical Positions

Over a decade of education and certification leads to a long career in hospitals all over the country

Throughout her career in the medical industry, Mary Ann Benigno has completed years of training and service at hospitals across the country. Benigno has earned some of the more top certifications and has helped hundreds of patients.

Benigno's first experiences of medical education led to five years in various roles at James Road Medical Center in Columbus, and Doctors Hospital in Nelsonville. Both of the medical facilities are in Ohio. Starting the medical career at these hospitals opened the door to other centers around the country.

Then, Benigno would go on to spend the following two decades at Heartland Medical Center in the state of New York. In the role as an attending emergency room physician at the Staten Island clinic, Benigno was adequate for patient care. Also, Benigno supervised teams of medical students, fellows, and residents.

It was early on in the career at Heartland Medical Center that Benigno would complete extensive fellowship training in Breast Oncology. Benigno would complete the training at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, which is nearby to Heartland.

Since leaving Heartland Medical Center, Benigno has spent her most recent five years at other hospitals. Those clinics include Redi-Med in Rochelle Park, Doctors Express locations in Paramus and Lyndhurst. Also, Benigno spent time at the ER Express Care in Fair Lawn, all in her home state of New Jersey.

Benigno worked principally as an attending physician in urgent care, and as a medical director. Also, Benigno specialized in critical care medicine, as well as surgical oncology of the breast, thanks to her period at Memorial.

As a specialist in surgical oncology of breasts, Benigno contains an in-depth knowledge of every aspect of breast operations. This knowledge includes diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the breast. Also, all associated clinical features of breast oncology. These features include pathology, mammography, MRI, ultrasound, and similar biopsies.

To gain knowledge about these different type of operations and treatments, Benigno had to spend decades in training.

Over the past 30 years of her medical career, Mary Ann Benigno has gained medical certifications and completed extensive training. These certifications and education sessions allowed Benigno to enjoy the long career listed above at hospitals.

Earning Important Certifications To Improve Career

Benigno started to earn these certifications in 1987, gaining the Diplomat National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners certification.

The National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners (NBOME) is an independent, not-for-profit, nongovernmental body. Their purpose is to “protect the public by providing the means to assess competencies for osteopathic medicine, treatments, and similar healthcare professions.”

The group recognized that the need for safe, high-quality health care has an increasing demand for assessment across training, education, and practice in medicine.

The principal goal for Benigno and NBOME has been the safety of patients. Those who hold the certification pledge the priority to uphold the public's trust for safe and high-quality health care. Also, this distinction goes for an individual patient to the global population.

In 1999, Benigno received the American Osteopathic Board of Surgery Certification Certificate. Achieving this certification bonded her commitment to high-quality patient care. Also, Benigno committed to the excellence in the medical field. Benigno, adhering to the organization's code of ethics.

The organization attempts to transform the economic, religious and political biases when dealing with patients, fellow employees, and the citizens they serve. Also, the physician and patient relationship and the professionalism of the physician are the basis for the code of ethics. Benigno always follows the code wherever she has been employed in her medical career.

Furthermore, the organization has formed important guidelines to manage its member physicians in their trained careers. Also, the criteria and guidelines are designed to address the osteopathic physician's professional and ethic responsibilities to patients.

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