Martina Alex, Creator of SWAY Agile Sales System, Releases 'SWAY Guide 2.0'

Sway Systems' guidebook instructs business on how to transform sales process for better engagement, communications, performance and profit

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Martina Alex, creator of the SWAY system for the Agile approach to sales, has released the "SWAY Guide 2.0" to help businesses transform their sales processes.

The book, now available in eight languages, is a practical guide to implementing Agile, a system focused on matching sales teams' roles to modern needs and expectations of customers.

"The classic sales approach doesn't work anymore. Cold calls, scripts, individual KPIs, and claim management - the sales techniques we saw as acceptable just a decade ago are now not only ineffective but also annoying to potential clients," said Alex, a consultant, trainer and educator on Scrum and Agile sales.

Alex's unique SWAY system is a structure for improving engagement and communications across sales teams and developing methods to achieve leadership goals. It is founded on self-organization, cross-functionality, and a value-based approach.

"It may come as a shock, or a paradox, yet, you will sell more when you stop selling," Alex said. "Agile sales means you don't really need to sell, as people would buy your product independently because they clearly understand the value that this product provides. You do not need to ram your services or products down the customer's throat but share your knowledge with people, be honest, and be open."

Clients adopting SWAY, in sectors such as finance, healthcare, hospitality, mass media, and retail, have experienced sales growth of 43% to 120% within 12 months, she said.

The "SWAY Guide 2.0" lays out some of the key aspects of Alex's system: 

  • Sales associates work together as a cohesive team, and the entire team bears responsibility for the final result.
  • The sales team has a Coach, who is skilled at training, facilitation, mediation, mentoring, and psychology, and helps the team to achieve super-results.
  • The sales team leader has the role of Business Owner, who knows customers' needs and sets quantitative and qualitative goals.
  • The sales team decides how to achieve the goals and independently distributes tasks among its members.
  • The sales team's job is to create value for the customer and satisfy the customer's needs - money becomes the feedback. 

"Agile is a new business mindset. It is a company culture based on creating value," Alex said. "Profit is no longer the goal - it is both an indicator of success and the feedback from our customers. Revenue growth proves that we understand the wishes of our clients and we fulfill them faster than our competitors."

Sway Systems, provides B-to-B services, including consulting in business agility, Agile in Sales, executive coaching, and facilitation of strategy sessions; conducts workshops on business agility and Agile in Sales, and offers B to C certification programs for future agile in sales experts.

The Sway Guide 2.0 is available as a book or slide cards at

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My name is Marina Alex, I am a founder of SWAY Systems company. We are Pioneer Business Agility consulting and training company focused on Sales in Agile (SWAY). I am a creator of a new sales system. SWAY (Sales with Agile)

I am working with B to B services including consulting in business agility, Agile in Sales, executive coaching, facilitation of strategy sessions and retrospectives. Additionally, I offer workshops on business agility and Agile in Sales. Finally, I offer B to C certification programs for future agile in sales experts.

I have unique expertise in Agile in sales. Thera are a few people in the world with such knowledge. I have a strong background in sales, marketing and Scrum/Agile. I popularized the use of Agile in sales and I invented a specific system known globally for training and implementation of Agile in Sales called SWAY. SWAY has been tested and applied across multiple industries including healthcare, hotels, television, and brokerages. It is unique and the only system of its type.

My clients are Companies who are interested in beginning an Agile transformation, companies that applied Agile in IT and want to apply agile in sales or on the executive level. Business coaches and sales consultants that are looking to get more certifications and to expand their skills sets in business agility and agile in sales.