Marshall Plan for Moms Mother's Day Mission: Cure Chronic Mom Guilt

Release of new campaign highlights burnout and exhaustion facing America's Moms; calls on everyone who knows a mom to take steps to help

Marshall Plan for Moms

In the lead up to Mother's Day, Marshall Plan for Moms is releasing a campaign that promises a "cure" for mom guilt: affordable childcare, paid leave, and equal pay for moms. Led by Girls Who Code Founder Reshma Saujani, the new Marshall Plan for Moms video calls attention to the burnout and exhaustion America's moms are facing and invites moms and those who love them to join the movement for change.  

With a sense of humor and humility, the video is a spoof on a stereotypical pharmaceutical ad, highlighting the tell-tale symptoms of chronic mom guilt and even the likely side effects of the cure (think: joy, sleep, sex, and the pleasure of pooping private).

Watch the video here:

Marshall Plan for Moms wanted to tap into a cultural moment that is known for celebrating moms, but do so in a way that recognizes and highlights what moms are actually experiencing and shines a light on their truths.

"No one expects motherhood to be easy," said Reshma Saujani, founder and CEO of Marshall Plan for Moms. "But for moms in the U.S., who are working around the clock trying to do two full-time jobs without basic support, it's almost impossible. And the worst part is that as moms we think we are the ones who are failing, that it's our fault. This Mother's Day, we wanted to turn that mom guilt on its head and say: "Hey moms, the problem isn't you, it's America."

"As an agency founded and owned by moms, we are well aware of the s***show of the past two years," said Katie Keating, Co-Founder / Co-Chief Creative Officer of Fancy. "So we rallied the troops of mom creatives, strategists, production, account people, and everyone else and set out to let moms know that whether they Work From Home, Stay At Home, or are in the office, they are not alone, their pain is real, and Marshall Plan for Moms has their backs."

This initiative is the latest in a series of actions from Marshall Plan for Moms to center mothers in our economic recovery. In January 2021, the Marshall Plan for Moms launched with an ad in the New York Times calling on the White House and Congress to value women's labor and pass long overdue policies like paid family leave, affordable childcare, and pay equity. The organization continues to champion public and private sector policies to support moms through its programs and thought leadership.

Become an advocate for the policies that matter. Join the Marshall Plan for Moms movement at

About Marshall Plan for Moms 

Marshall Plan for Moms is a national non-profit organization working to transform our workplaces, our government, and our culture to value women's labor and enable moms to thrive. Founded by Girls Who Code founder Reshma Saujani, we advocate for public and private sector changes to expand choices for women and remove barriers to equality, finishing the fight for women's equality once and for all. 

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100% woman-owned, operated, and focused, Fancy is a strategically minded, creatively driven advertising agency dedicated to elevating what's important to women. Because if it's important to women, it's important to the world. Fancy has become the leading voice for women in advertising, with hard-hitting creative work, commentary and speaking engagements pulling back the curtain on the all-too-often taboo issues of women and sexual pleasure and health, women over 40 in advertising, and women stereotypes in marketing activities and brand development.

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